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  1. Hari Om, There is simply no substitute for learning Samskrit yourself and reading it from the source.
  2. Strong chi - effect on others

    What about if you have cultivated a lot through various practices and disciplines and you walk into a room full of people, for example a cafe. Do you attract attention as soon as you walk in like people staring at you?
  3. Once you have cultivated a very strong chi presence or prana as it's called in Hindu philosophy, what kind of effects will have it on other around you? How do others perceive you? Will you be noticed more when you walk into a room of people? Do people feel attracted to you? Just wondering since this attention can hinder our spiritual progress.
  4. Energy of Intimidation

    Wow - fantastic replies! So many interesting insights shared. Thank you all! To through something else into the mix: what about shifting our attention to the aura. Somehow I feel a bright aura that really radiates can intimidate people. How can that be? How to get a bright aura? Interesting food for thought?
  5. Haiku Chain

    its lanterns snuffed out. by the hungry goat today a moonlit night
  6. Energy of Intimidation

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. How some people can be perceived as quite intimidating and others not at all. Surely has a lot to do with energy, building up of Chi and Self Confidence but I feel there is more to it. What about a martial artist who is always perfectly calm? Could be a very intimidating person. Silence can intimidate people. What are your thoughts on energy and intimidation?
  7. Still mind vs weak mind

    How come that when someone has a calm and strong mind through his practices easily can overpower someone mentally and radiate a strong presence to someone with a scattered and weak mind?
  8. India's Top Guru is Fake Perv

    Sai Baba was actually the real deal. Due to immaturity and jealously people spoke out against him trying the get rid of him which obviously never worked. All great beings have people say bad things about them. Look at history. Didn't Jesus get crusified?
  9. Preventing to fight

    What are the theories behind preventing a fight. I've heard people in situations where the person that wanted to fight couldn't do anything. Is it due to the accumulated power that can Change someone's mind? Is it a state of mind that can no one allow to touch you? What are your thoughts
  10. And how far can you come by practicing on your own through dvds and books alone? Since I have access to a teacher it's the only option for me.
  11. So that it can protect you from other's energy and also that ou have a strong presence when you go somewhere?
  12. Spring Forest Qigong - questions

    Lets say i learn and practice SFQ a lot but only from the dvd's and I never get a change to meet Chunyi Lin and get the deeper teachings and he would die one day can I take what I have learned and practiced and go to a different system with a live teacher?
  13. What would be the equivalent cultivation practices in Hinduism?
  14. Some questions about SFQ, How does this system compare with Flying Phoenix Qigong? And How far can you go with this system by learning only from the DVD's? And practicing on your own?
  15. Simple, easy, yet powerful QiGong

    I have been looking into the Zhan Zhuang video series - seems simple yet powerful. What can you achieve by that practice alone? Will it give you tremendous inner strength?