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I don't really remember how I found this site. However, I feel honored and blessed that I did. I primarily read the Contributed Articles section, but I often just wander about different threads and topics and always come across some engaging dialog - so yeah... hey.


A few things about me... I am a student of the Tao, at least philosophically at this point. I practice Taijiquan with my fingers as my toes, my toes as my fingers and my larynx as my dan tien. I like long walks in the park and watching the universe breathe. My words cry Hip-Hop, and my fingers scream the Blues. Everyone wants to hang out with me at the party until they speak to me. That should start things off...


I actually wanted to contribute a few thoughts on some things and found that I could not until I submitted something here.


Here I am.


There you go.


Nothing really does matter.

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