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  1. How the West Lost Alchemy

    I was not aware of this. Thank you. All the best on your research.
  2. How the West Lost Alchemy

    As a budding musician and having just figured out the circle of fifths, I find this quite compelling. I now only have to catch up on my physics and... you know... read this everyday for the next couple of years. Are there any instances of work or instruments that has or is capable of creating this alchemical harmony? And does this mean that music - western music - is fundamentally flawed as far as being transcendental by the nature of the theory used to play it? Please pardon my somewhat elementary questions but I'm still trying to get my head around this.
  3. The dream thread

  4. greetings...

    hi I don't really remember how I found this site. However, I feel honored and blessed that I did. I primarily read the Contributed Articles section, but I often just wander about different threads and topics and always come across some engaging dialog - so yeah... hey. A few things about me... I am a student of the Tao, at least philosophically at this point. I practice Taijiquan with my fingers as my toes, my toes as my fingers and my larynx as my dan tien. I like long walks in the park and watching the universe breathe. My words cry Hip-Hop, and my fingers scream the Blues. Everyone wants to hang out with me at the party until they speak to me. That should start things off... I actually wanted to contribute a few thoughts on some things and found that I could not until I submitted something here. Here I am. There you go. Nothing really does matter.