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Standing next to my love

And she vanishes

What wold it be like

What would eyes see


A wisp of a breeze

The leaf disappears

So unique in itself

Where can it be


Retiring at night

After night prayer

So awful to pass her bed

Silence deafening, thoughts racing

Where do I go from here


Moments count, never taken for granted

Fill my eyes with your sweet presence

Touch me while it is today

Deepen the etching within me...of you




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Your impermanence is etched

within me like a work of art

drawn by my own hand

in the wet sand at the seashore


My eyes tear

knowing that at any moment

a wave may remove

your image forever.


I am sorry, my love

for my hurtful words,

you belong in my bed, with me,

not yours, away from me


Never, ever again

will I take any part of you

for granted.


Never, ever again

will I disallow you

your full expression.


You Are Me,

this I know

My own racing thoughts

have been scattered to the wind

by the beautiful silence

between the words


Come, let us touch each other

while we have Today,

Let us revel in our Oneness

before the next wave breaks

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It was as though I continued my poem. Who were you talking about? How were you able to meld into my thought and intention? What did you see in my poem that you related to? Poetry for me is like looking at a painting. The meaning is in the eye of the beholder's heart and soul. How long did it take you to write your replay. Was this off the top of your head? It was if you are a poet.



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