Dr. Yang Yang - Evidence Based Taiji (EBT) and Qigong (EBQ)

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I was wondering if anyone had anything to share concerning Dr. Yang Yang and his "Evidence Based" systems.  There is a local Taijiquan center (Maine Center for Taijiquan) where the lead instructor and others are certified in EBT/Q - and the beginners class is based on said curriculum.


My previous taijiquan practice was cut short when the school shut the program down to concentrate on their more "external" programs.  After napping for a spell I woke up this Spring ready to begin again ... and this center seems to hold potential.  I like the feeling I get from the head instructor, and I like the feeling I get from the space.  But thought I'd put a query out into the wind and see if anyone had anything to add about the system I might be getting myself into and what that may mean...





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