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  1. Haiku Chain

    Pain me once again will suffering end? All too soon my friend.
  2. What are you listening to?

  3. Reacting vs Responding

    While said unnamed person may have taken the idea from your source, it's not necessarily so. This is a common theme I've seen repeated from many.... Personally, I think on this a lot. I used to be what most would consider a very patient person. Having 2 young children has seemed to be calling this into question So, i spend a lot of time trying to breathe and respond, instead of reacting. Practices across styles seem to point to the importance of this, as well as focusing on opening up that space in order to choose to respond instead of react. A yoga teacher I sometimes frequent is fond of quoting Viktor E. Frankl while the sensation is building up in half-pigeon, or some other intense pose:
  4. Haiku Chain

    Or being eaten? Or eating? Do you prefer Either way, you win.
  5. Haiku Chain

    Yes it's obvious Stop looking and you will see the plum, not yet ripe
  6. Watching The Birds

    We were visited by a Baltimore Oriole yesterday. Flew right up to our newly blooming quince/crabapple tree (not sure which it is, kinda in-between). This tree sits right off our small back deck, and just a few feet from the kitchen window that's above the sink. Dish washing is bird watching. I've never seen one so close up before, such a beautiful fellow! Lots of Grackles too lately. They are really happy that I haven't mowed any lawn this spring yet, and spend their time hopping around in the tall grass that is almost over their heads now. When I lived in Austin, TX, folks down there thought of them almost as pests, like some folks do Pigeons. I always liked them. I think these ones had a nest in one of my neighbors tree. All this Bitterroot had strangled the row of pines between our yards and he cut down the dead ones recently. In one of them the Bitterroot had formed this massive, almost cave like, tangle in the top of the tree. I know some folks were using it for sure, and these Grackles seem a bit like they've been thrown out. Or maybe that's just me projecting
  7. Why Daoism over Buddhism

    Was just reading up on this - the word is, the robot is based around a comic that the monk at this temple wrote. The first book being called "Troubles Are Self-Made". An English version may be in the works....would love to see the comic series (in any version)! Reminds me of that often quoted line from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: I'm pretty certain I've run into other robot monks in sci-fi over the years too.... Cool share, thanks! Edit: sorry to digress, my comments don't really have anything to add to the thread - I myself align more along the daoist lines, though I'm constantly inspired by Buddhist (especially zen) ideas and art.
  8. simplify

  9. Haiku Chain

    And they confound most And they always burn the toast Those damn hungry ghosts
  10. simplify

    MUD (multi user dungeon)
  11. What are you listening to?

    This is beautiful. I thought I'd add the translated lyrics for those who don't follow the link through to You Tube: When winds breathed slowly and carried cotton blossom drifts floating from the willow strands, there in the fragrant willowshade, we rested in green depths. Sailing round faraway beaches, sailing as evening falls; in this total disorder of aimless sailing, where can I make land? I've met my share of mankind, but none are like the willows by that gate of departure. None remain. If trees had hearts like men do, they would not be so green with life. Night comes on, your high city disappears, There's only the tangle of endless mountains. Like Wei Lang, I've left you- But remember; this bracelet of jade; believe this promise that we've made When I left, you begged me "Soon return!" For fear we'd leave the red flowers loveless. And I didn't take your pair of scissors with me, but if I had, I still couldn't cut these thousand binding, silken threads of melancholy exile.
  12. [TTC Study] Chapter 11 of The Tao Teh Ching

    And old thread, but I happened to be thinking about this chapter tonight, and came upon this commentary in Red Pine's translation: "Ho-Shang Kung says: Ancient carts had thirty spokes in imitation of the lunar number."
  13. wildcrafting

    This is something (one of many some things) I've been meaning to learn more about for years. I know there are plenty of resources about, and I know there are people in the area here (Southern Maine, USA) who are very knowledgable. I've just got to do it - thanks for the reminder!
  14. simplify

  15. Watching The Birds

    Ha, yes! There are eagles and ravens around for sure. I haven't seen them around our neighborhood (yet), but they're in the area! The Ospreys tend to stick to just over the pond, but sometimes will do a flyover our house. This evening, just around dusk, my wife leapt out of the kitchen chair she was sitting in and yelled: "look! look! over there! what the hell was that!" I didn't get there in time. She said she was looking out into the back yard and saw what at first she thought was a seagull flying towards her, but then suddenly its head was huge, it was huge and it veered off out of sight. A big owl. Guessing since it was mostly white it was a Snowy Owl? I wish I saw it, lucky girl