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Found 5 results

  1. learning about the group

    hi all, i’ve been interested in taoism for 45 years and leaned later to buddhism, because i couldn’t find a taoist group anywhere. taoism makes so much sense to my mind. i’m a secularist, and the taoism fits in. i know china has had a taoist revival, but it’s esoteric, not the same we look to here. so i’m excited about being here. yours in the tao, stanford
  2. Hello I am a new :)

    Hi all I am very happy to be here but I am full of questions and doubts. I was hoping someone can help me on this journey. 1) Where should I start? 2) How do I cultivate Jing, chi and shen? 3) Do I have to be celibate? 4) If I am sexually active, can I still conserve my Jing? How? 5) Where do I find a Master to learn from? Does it has to be in person or can it be online? 6) I live in New Zealand, anyone here as well? As you can see I am very lost, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  3. New to the community

    Hello everyone, Glad to join the forum! I've been practicing Taoist exercises and learning the philosophy for about a year and a half. I've learned a lot and made some mistakes along the way. So far I've kept my practice private, but recently I decided it's time to change this and reach out to the community. I have a few questions about The Dao Bums: What's a good way to get introduced to the forum? Is there a list of rules that I can read? (the ones I found tell me I don't have permission to access them). What is a good way to share the details of my Taoist journey so far? If I have specific questions (say about Kan Li meditation, or about the spiritual interactions of the organs) how should I go about asking them? Is there a place where people keep regular journals of their spiritual journey? It would be great to read about other people's on-going experience and post about my own. Thanks! asbc
  4. Greetings, I was wondering if anyone had anything to share concerning Dr. Yang Yang and his "Evidence Based" systems. There is a local Taijiquan center (Maine Center for Taijiquan) where the lead instructor and others are certified in EBT/Q - and the beginners class is based on said curriculum. My previous taijiquan practice was cut short when the school shut the program down to concentrate on their more "external" programs. After napping for a spell I woke up this Spring ready to begin again ... and this center seems to hold potential. I like the feeling I get from the head instructor, and I like the feeling I get from the space. But thought I'd put a query out into the wind and see if anyone had anything to add about the system I might be getting myself into and what that may mean... thanks!
  5. Here I am sitting on my own in my room trying to figure out how much of a failure I am, why I have no purpose, on and on and on. Then I just told myself "STOP the noise, STOP the distractions." The question is not why this or that is happening to me or why am I a failure. The real question is How can I be...serve....the universe? The universe is huge, tomorrow this planet could be gone, all the noise and distraction mean nothing. Only thing that matter is that in this moment now how can I be part of the universe, how can I add to it? The focus is flipped from the world happening to me, to how can I happen to the universe? I guess thats why our lifes are so short, we have such short attention spans and driven by our egos and ego imagination. Anything longer would be wasted even more. Whether you agree or not with what I have written is not important, they are just words and symbols of what I feel, which has no language to give an accurate definition. At best beyond words is self expression, the purest form.