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 Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra Granthis.


Think of Granthi as the kink or knot in the Susumna Nadi which prevents energy flow. Granthis, hurdles in the ascent of Kundalini, are in the form of spiritual ignorance, Maaya, and desire.


Brahma Granthi manifests as attachment to physical objects, earthly pleasures, inordinate selfishness (ego, Ahamkara) and exhibits the enslaving power of Tamas, darkness, lethargy, ignorance. Its habitat is the pelvis, dominant in pelvic functions. It is the sensual world. It is the phenomenal world that we live in. It is the World that Brahma created. Kundali is sleeping; the spirit is not moving; we are awake to the world of happenings. One has to become oblivious of the world of forms and names, awaken Kundali and allow Her to take you to higher Chakras.


Vishnu Granthi at Anahata Chakra manifests motion and passion of Rajas Guna in that the prospective Sadhaka is attached to family, friends and objects. Its habitat is the heart (Anahata Chakra), dominant in emotion, mistakenly called love. Love in its pure form is love for God for Love's sake. Faustian love is the operating principle of earthly love. Vishnu is the preserver and thus this knot wants to preserve earthly love, compassion, service and all other socially laudable qualities in a person. That is what the religion teaches you. It is a very hard kink or knot to overcome. This knot tells you that you are the good citizen that everyone should emulate. You want to remain the decent man of the world and it is fine to stay that way. You are serving your family, your community, and the world. You like the world and the world likes you.  It is like a powerful aphrodisiac to resist. You have to break this genomic imprint on your psyche to realize higher Chakras. That is why in India, people give up their attachment to the world, receive funerary rites from family members and  become Sannyasis (Relinquishers), so that they can go past the Heart Chakra and move from the phenomenal world to Spiritual World.


Rudra Granthi localized in Ajna Chakra, the Command Lotus and the lotus of spiritual wisdom. When the Yogi attains Ajna Chakra, he acquires Siddhis, special powers, which are the symptoms of spiritual attainment but are not the goal. Savoring the special powers (reading the mind of others, being in more than one place at a time, entering the bodies others, knowing the past, present and the future etc) is an impediment to further spiritual progress. Siddhis augment one's ego (Ahamkara) which is the major impediment for progress. Once this obstacle is overcome, the Yogi is ready for union with Universal Consciousness.


I thought this was clearer than any information on the Granthis that I've previously come across,  and I was particularly interested in the concept of having to overcome even the socially laudable qualities at Vishnu Granthi. 


It was also news to me that the knots were in Sushumna nadi, does anyone know if this is true even of Brahma Granthi? 

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I will add that the heart chakra is the seat of our personality which expresses itself trough social interactions thus the "knot". The only way to untie the knot would be to realize the impulses of our personality trying to attach to the world and use your will power to pull your focus toward the center of the self. Its a transition from being open to emotional influences to not giving yourself to the world and the only way to do that is by doing a personal resolution as you see this behaviour only makes you weak and its a path that made you devoid of power. To achieve this one must be firm with himself and have a fiery resolution to do it. It's like saying "no more bullshit" to yourself with all that loosing in the crowd. Once you accept yourself as a being powerful and realize you are doing it for your own good then it means you unblocked the knot as accepting is the work of the heart. This means you awakened your power animal totem personality inside of you.


The path to the throat chakra is then easy as the heart can act as a bridge between your power and your word if you intend it. Otherwise we just share the content of our mind trough our throat chakra while our power is blocked by the heart knot. I guess the hardest thing is to say the truth and accept ourselves. If you don't say the truth to yourself and instead go run "out of the world" by becoming a new type of "socially" engaged persona the "meditator" or the "hermit" then you have succumbed to the fourth enemy of the man of knowledge called "old age" which will stop you from going higher then the heart chakra. This means you are still lying to yourself about who you are as only at the throat chakra you are able to control your awareness trough your personality and thus maintain a clear mind when the energy channel opens. Otherwise you will start to "lose your mind" and fall back asleep. The throat chakra is the truth filter.


A beautiful movie that shows the transition trough the heart chakra is "The Life Of Pi" and I recommend everyone to look it up.

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