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Чем выше любовь, тем ниже поцелуи

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Yes, Slavic women are THE GOLD STANDARD! Despite this group's name, I'm sure there is little need for Viagra in those countries.


I still have a soft spot for classic Mediterranean beauties like Monica Bellucci, and Spain is also full of beautiful women, but unfortunately the same misandric strain of feminism so popular in the US and northern Europe is catching on here too, and men are expected to become manginas lest they be demonized. On the other hand, most Slavic women I've met are as hot as Victoria Zdrok, appreciate men and masculine qualities, but aren't simple-minded dolls--they have CULTURE, along with grace, charm, and beauty. EXAMPLES: Victoria Zdrok herself, and YULIA TIMOSHENKO!


Too bad all those Slavic countries (minus Poland, perhaps) all seem to be imploding, though!

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