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I want these prayers in sanskrit

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If you are asking for the Buddha's Sutras or Dharanis, I may be able to help. Otherwise you could try contacting John Vajra. He has published an authoritative and beautiful work on the Sutras and Dharanis, and he also instructed me on the correct way to pronounce the Sanskrit Dharanis which are in Pali. Whether he decides to help you or not depends upon your virtue. He may decide to tell you about your spiritual path. But if you want a little advice, I would say that the only mantra you need to learn to recite correctly is Om Mani Padme Hum. And my advice would be to not seek rapid repetition, but rather separate each syllable and intone it whilst maintaining as strong a focus as possible. I do this during my Qigong practice in order to purify it, and find it very powerful. 


David (Vajramantra)

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