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  1. Hello guys I did a sadhana from the internet where I chanted two Buddhist mantras over third eye and heart center I did it intensely for around an hour daily for may be an year It was really doing something with energy, but it also caused me various issues like feeling I will loose mind, I will loose control , always feeling shortness of breath and pressure in third eye area I would be grateful if somebody could help me or guide me to someone who can help me Because of these issues I can't seem to able to do any sadhana of any kind because it seems like any kind of sadhana increases these symptoms
  2. Black fungus in india

    Namaskaram Mucor mycosis which is also called black fungus is spreading in India Allopathy doesn't seem to have a good treatment for it I was wondering if anybody knows any preventive and curative measures for it ???? Like some herb, natural ways or some repurposed drug or something
  3. Good Charities to Donate too (bringing clean safe water , which can save many lives, pls do check this site ) (a micro banking site, do check it ) ( for suppprting translation of dharma texts ) (giving light to some family )
  4. Natural way to cure seizure

    Hi guys As the title suggests I would like to know that is it possible to completely cure epilepsy/seizure , by natural means ? And if yes than what are those means ?
  5. Chundi mantra

    Can you explain it further ? Does that mean that we should not advise other people to recite this mantra unless we have accomplished something with it ? What to do if we have shared it ? Any remedy ?
  6. eyes getting crossed unconsciously

    I have asked this before that if i meditate with closed eyes my head and eyes get very heavy and i can feel the pressure all day long, i feel low on energy and sleepy all day I think i have found the reason behind it but i dont know how to resolve the issue I think i am unconsciously crossing my eyes during meditation, i am unconsciously straining I have caught myself with my eyes pointing towards the nose Has anyone faced this issue before ? Is there any way to resolve it ?
  7. releasing tension in eyes and head

    I feel like i have too much tension in my eyes, face and head Specially eyes and forehead Is there any way, technique/exercise to release these tensions ?
  8. help me with eyes

    Like what about the day Anything specific ?
  9. help me with eyes

    Guys, I need some suggestions regarding the positionof eyes during meditation I am very confused about eye position If I close my eyes during meditation , I feel very strong heaviness in my head and eyes all day long ( may be because I unconsciously forcefully shut my eyes forcefully ) I mean it's like I feel my eyes and head heavy and sleepy all day long But than I tried to do meditation with open eyes and this heaviness problem disappeared in 1-2 sessions But with open eyes , my eyes keep fluctuating from one position to another, sometimes I keep them on floor, sometimes at nose , sometimes in front I don't know just what to do with them, I keep changing the position because I feel like this position could be correct or that one Any advise ? If i choose to close them, what should i do so i dont get that heaviness (any exercise maybe or something else ) And if i choose to open them, where should i focus them, what should i do with them
  10. Innovative mantra counting methods

    Thats cool but its not as easily and readily Usable as the tally counter You have to do it in one go I want something which can be as easily and readily used as tally counter but as simple as possiblr which will not attract unnecessary attention
  11. Innovative mantra counting methods

    Guys What are some ways of counting mantra which will not attract unnecessary attention, besides rosary and tally counters ? Any technique or method to count mantra anytime, anywhere easily without attracting unnecessary attention With rosary and tally counters, it attracts too much attention There is one way of counting on fingers but its complicated and cant be used as easily and readily as tally counters
  12. Head turning to left

    Can you pls explain this practice in detail What do you mean by dissolve ?
  13. Head turning to left

    I have become really frustrated with something Whenever i sit down and just relax, look straight, my head would automatically turn towards left and downward This is really strange, i mean its so frustrating I think its happening because of some tension in neck ,shoulders or back i dont know Can anybody help me with this ? what should i do ? Any drill or exercise ?
  14. In india there is a kind of unwritten rule which says that you never tell anybody about your cultivation experiences otherwise you will loose them, your spiritual progress will get impeded Now i want to know, to what extant this rule applies ? And is there any written record of such warning in any spiritual text, be it buddhist or other Does this rule mean that no body should even know that you are cultivating If you see someone harboring wrong views of cultivation and you try to tell them what actually cutivation means, you explain them about real cultivation and spirituality does this also break this rule of secrecy because they will know that you are cultivating So you cant even talk to anybody about cultivation ? Does this just apply to sharing experiences or even talking about cultivation will break it ? And if a person breaks this rule, what he can do to remedy this ? What this rule actually is and to what extant this rule applies ? i would love to see some spiritual texts quotes on this Does this mean total and complete secrecy of cultuvation? I want to know about this rule completely because it has bothered me from quite some time, i also dont know which spiritual texts mention it What you are allowed to share and what you are not allowed to share ?
  15. I want these prayers in sanskrit

    Guys can you tell me how to say these prayers in sanskrit ?