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Two questions regarding meditation ("rings" and push/pull sensation)

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Just wanting to know what you have experienced in meditation regarding the following

I have not seen any colors, I did not want to or do want to see or find in meditation, I just came across, want to check what it is in common knowledge, give it my "mmhm, okay" see how I make my own sense out of it and carry on. Which I feel is for the best, attempting this more or less the direct way

All pleasant

Until now, very vaguely I have witnessed in what I would be able to recall my vision or where my head would be located "rings" that I was able to travel through

Now I would not even name this my vision, with which I was traveling through, somewhat face-centered awareness would be most accurate

Not travel with body, not travel with anything else than just ... perception

It was rather my will and it was happening without any force or resistance what so ever

I could make myself travel through or the rings go by "me" forward and backward. I could not make a difference. Beliefing the concept of no space and this being non-physical, it travelled by me. And it appeared to be easier in one direction, I dont quite recall right now, I belief it was forward

What is this?

And the 2nd would be

That when closing my eyes and as soon as I relaxed, I could feel as if my bodily awareness was arranging itself. I still felt my body and the heaviness and softness and here and there abit pain of it, but there was more

And that I would describe like a pulling or pushing sensation that happened almost at the same time or in very short intervals, mostly witnessed from chest to stomach and back

What is this?

I am not interested in any read up information, only self-experience that wants to be shared. I appreciate your understanding and willingness to share whatever you have understood yourself about your light-nature

Thank you

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