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Dani's Odyssey

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A friend of mine created this book. Put a lot of time into it.  


Its free on Scribed:









“The first, true modern-day fable, Dani's Odyssey takes us on a delirious romp through the unknown, its plot managing to exhaust our imaginations again and again only to let its characters drag us on in disbelief. By the end, we're left addicted to bewilderment and cursing our curiosity as we once again return to the front to try and navigate the library hiding beneath this playful story... Every page seems like a work of art thanks to the copious amount of illustrations and designs that Chu has integrated into this project: electrifying the narrative's deranged cast of characters as he stretches them off into his dimension... This pair has flaunted the true potential of mixed-medium art, delivering a work that's as novel as it is decadent while still maintaining the warm morals and delightful atmosphere that we've come to expect in a fable.”

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