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Wormwood and Mugwort tea

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Yeah.  I've used sweet wormwood in tea before.  It's supposed to help with bacteria coinfections that occur with Lyme disease.  The year I got Lyme disease, it turned out my friend was growing a bunch of sweet wormwood, and gifted me a lot of it.  That seems to happen a lot - illness and the cure manifesting in close proximity.  Like the time I had bad insomnia from camping out in the cold, and I met a girl who was camping close by who just happened to be making a sleep tincture in her tent with valerian root, lavender, and lemon balm.


Mugwort tea is strong but it's supposed to be purifying as a spring tonic so I like to drink it in Spring time.  It seems to help me open up my third-eye and dreaming abilities.

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