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  1. No more right-wing bullshit.

    1. With the Trump-Russia thing having turned into an obvious lie, it is clear that it is the mainstream media that are the real conspiracy theorists. Not to mention the whole "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" nonsense and all the other lies they have pushed. Conspiracies are a part of history. Check out the Cataline conspiracies in ancient Rome, for instance... Nothing new. 2. Read Aristotle. There are people who speak and think using rhetoric (feelings) and those who utilize dialectic (facts and information). Of course, everyone has emotions, but some people formulate their opinions from dialectic. 3. Universities are generally left-leaning. From what I've gathered, they used to be not so much, but in the last 30-40 years, they have become progressively moreso. Read about "the long march through the institutions" which originated from the writings of Gramsci I believe (I may be mixing up my Commies). The Commies couldn't get the Russian-style revolution they wanted, so they tried to infiltrate their ideologies through art, the education system, the media, etc. Thank God for the internet. They will lose. Lies are not sustainable. 4. Being intelligent does not mean you are right. Sociopaths tend to be very intelligent, but are total liars, selfish assholes who only serve their own desires. There are many creative genuises who are plagued by mental delusions and psychoses.
  2. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I despise the aspect of the far-right that believes they are racially superior, or that wants to inflict harm on Jews, non-whites, whatever. They are evil. However, I also loathe the far-left element that attacks people wearing Trump hats, believes that they are racially superior (there are plenty of black, hispanic, and Jewish supremacists out there). Communism is just as disgusting as Nazism. Communism has a significantly higher death count, after all, and though Nazism is more obviously corrupt, Communism is subtle and deceptive, but ultimately results in the same totalitarian, oppressive, death camp scenario. If this post was against extremism of all sides, I would be all for it. If one is seeing clearly and being honest with themselves, they cannot deny there is an extremist, hate-filled faction of BOTH SIDES. IMO, the hidden rulers of the world WANT there to be the extremes on both sides, so that a conflict can emerge that they can capitalize on, taking away peoples' liberties, getting more power and money for themselves. The Nazis and the Commies are both useful idiots. Having constructive conversations, trying to find common ground, love and forgiveness, these things will save us. Of course, we need laws that will get rid of people actively practicing and planning violence, but that doesn't mean we need to silence everyone we disagree with. People need to be more discerning, rational, and not so emotionally reactionary. Even though I am of the right (though I have some left-leaning opinions), I have plenty of liberal friends and politics never makes me think less of somebody unless they are trying to force their beliefs, or they legitimately are filled with hate & violent thoughts, which is pretty rare in reality.
  3. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I guess socialism is right-wing now, because some internet smart boy told me so.
  4. No more right-wing bullshit.

    According to who? Wikipedia, which has a left-leaning narrative? “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions” Hitler, 1927
  5. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I could see wanting to ban/stop people posting explicitly racist, sexist, threatening, etc. things, but to ask people to leave just for being "right-wing" strikes me as incredibly intellectually dishonest and immature.
  6. Pornography, Energy Loss, Social Discourse

    If anybody here wants some anecdotal stories of people who quit looking at porn and masturbation, search "NoFap" on Youtube or the reddit.com/r/nofap subreddit. There are plenty of stories of people who quit porn and masturbation, and have reported increased feelings of more energy, confidence, and overall better mood. I have noticed this from my personal experience too.
  7. Pornography, Energy Loss, Social Discourse

    After reading the effects of porn on the brain, I decided to give it up. Not that I haven't had some relapses, but it is not a thing I do on a frequent basis anymore. Just search "pornography and the brain" and you will find out more. It is very hard to quit. I've had periods in my life where I drank a good amount of booze and smoked cannabis daily, but these habits were no problem to break. Same with quitting junk food and starting to exercise. Easy. Quitting porn? Difficult. Quitting masturbation all together? Even harder (no pun intended). When Israel began to occupy parts of Palestine, they broadcasted pornography as a weapon to demoralize the Palestinians. The fact that porn was used as A WEAPON should be a red flag. In his book Libido Dominandi, E. Michael Jones talks about how the sexual liberation movement was essentially a means for the government/deep state to demoralize men, enslave them to their desires (all "liberation" from morality & rationality is necessarily followed by an enslavement to desires), and make them easier to control. This goes back to the French Revolution, which began as a movement to liberate man from the oppression of religion, back to Freud who claimed to want to liberate man from the "repression" using sex, and continues now stronger than ever, with the easy access to porn, sexualized youth, and widespread degeneracy. E. Michael Jones is a Catholic, so you can take some of it with a grain of salt, but his research is well-done and comprehensive. I think Christians and non-Christians alike could benefit from this book. Very recommended. Now, I know pornography is bad, but I am not sure how I feel about masturbation. It is something humans have surely been doing since the dawn of time, so it doesn't have the same effect as hardcore pornography. And yet, masturbation is generally based on a lie or some kind of deception: either mental imagery or a physical stimulus. Either way, there is no real human contact. I've done some "conscious/meditative" masturbation, and that is probably the best option if one is going to release by themselves. Still, I think abstaining altogether is the best thing to do, or at least minimizing it. I am trying to but my words into action, but again, it is one of the most challenging things I have ever done.
  8. Any bums workout?

    I've joined a gym recently to up my cardio game and do more weightlifting. I really like the StairMaster machine. I will usually warm up with the bike and then hit the stairs for 15-20 minutes. My recent goal that I hit was 1570 steps, or something like that, the same as in the Empire State Building. My next goal is the World Trade Center which I believe has 1980. The stairs are not only great cardio, but help build up the leg muscles and are low impact on the joints compared to treadmill, so I really like it. Then I do some weights and machines. I mostly just do deadlifts, squats, bench press, and a few other lifts for my upper body. I like using the assisted pull up and dip machine a lot since I can't do many pull ups/dips unassisted, and it helps me work on proper form. I am glad I joined the gym. It's only been 3 weeks now but I feel a lot of improvements. I used to think that walking around all day for my job, plus doing some body weight and dumbbell exercises at home was enough, but now I realized I was really missing out on the cardio stuff, plus it feels good to take my weights to the next level. My next goal, after I get a bit more used to the gym, is to start a frequent yoga practice. I do some stretching but never had a strong practice, and I think it would balance out the weights/cardio nicely.
  9. Did the U.S. really go to the moon in 1969?

    I never said they can't launch space ships. As far as I know, nobody has actually said that. Stop arguing against positions nobody has made.
  10. Did the U.S. really go to the moon in 1969?

    You have a tendency to take something clearly stated, and twist it into something they didn't say. I asked if it was possible a government organization could lie. I never tried to suggest they always are lying. That is preposterous. If you are a charlatan - lying all the time is a bad move since it becomes obvious soon. However if you can mix truth with lies, it is easier to mislead people. I never claimed we "definitely didn't have people land the moon," I am just raising questions and very skeptical of the official narrative. I am not trying to refute everything about NASA, about science -- only this one event (ok, several events since there were subsequent landings, supposedly). You aren't helping yourself by resulting to ad hominem insults and fighting straw men.
  11. Did the U.S. really go to the moon in 1969?

    On one hand, it doesn't really matter TOO much if it is real or not. It was about 50 years ago... not really relevant now, huh? That is true in a way. And yet, IF it was faked, that has many implications that point to something greater than the event in-itself, such as: - If faked, then NASA is a corrupt, pseudo-scientific megaphone for government propaganda. Thus, by taking taxes from the people, it becomes a great enemy of the people (like the mainstream media is currently). - Science itself is highly corruptible (that is already irrefutable); and when the government gets involved with science, pseudo-science as propaganda inevitably follows. - When people react to this, they get VERY emotional. I wasn't expecting this. The reaction I see from people (not just on this forum) is very intense - as if their god is being blasphemed. And, in a way, it is - since science is this worshipped kind of thing for some people. - We gotta keep our focus on EARTH. If it is easy to leave Earth - cool, we can maybe terraform some other planet or something. However, if it is significantly more difficult, it shifts our focus outward from inward, and we have to really just focus on all the things here, positive and negative. - There are many more implications, I am sure you can think of a few as quickly as I just did. It is not easy to admit we were lied to. For instance, I used to like listening to Jordan Peterson, until others had made me aware of irrefutable evidence that indicates he is dishonest at best, a total charlatan at worse. I used to be a socialist, and now I don't think that is the answer. Far from it. I used to think there was nothing inherently wrong with mass migration; now I see it as a very possible catalyst for war or at least conflict. We learn things, and as our knowledge grows, we must alter our opinions and beliefs. Otherwise, we cling to beliefs that we know are wrong, living a life of lies and cognitive dissonance. Is it really hard to believe that a government organization could have lied? That humans could have lied? Did it ever happen before? Isn't it true that many people get away with lying for some fraction of time, but only a fraction, before the truth comes out? Can you think of one thing we could do 50 years ago that we CAN'T do now? Anyway, I do not imagine myself to be 100% right about this. The fact that I know I have limited information and not any scientific expertise makes me curious and agnostic about the topic. I get the sense there are smart people on both sides of the issue, which makes it more interesting.
  12. Did the U.S. really go to the moon in 1969?

    Fair enough. I see people who lump "flat Earthers" with "moon narrative skeptics" to be stupid because they demonstrate a poor ability to distinguish people who clearly believe in different categories of things. As I stated above, questioning the Earth as a sphere is questioning 2000+ years of cross-cultural discoveries and more recent observations. Questioning the moon story is pretty much just questioning the narrative of the government, not science. Now, I don't give a fuck if you disagree with me or think I am wrong. I will enjoy it if you provide any evidence to either support or disprove my claim, since it adds to the conversation. I've admitted I was wrong before and am open to the fact that I may be for most things. But if you call me stupid, I will go a step further- I will prove you to be stupid and/or wrong. I know I am not a genius, but I also am aware that I am some sort of above-average intellect. but yeah, your comparison is retarded. Finally, you make a second mistake at the end. Because I express a skeptical approach and agnostic outlook of the official moon narrative, you think I disregard all astronomical progress & discoveries. That is obviously an assumption you can't prove, since it is not true. I find a lot of it fascinating- from the types of galaxies, the vastness of space, the harmony and chaos at work, cycles of the life of a star, etc. etc.
  13. Did the U.S. really go to the moon in 1969?

    Let's see. Different cultures from all around the world had come to the conclusion the Earth is round for the last 1000-2000 years, or even older in some cases. Now, with technology it can be observed directly, but before then people still came to that conclusion through rational discoveries. The moon thing is QUESTIONING something that was pushed by a GOVERNMENT AGENCY from a country whose official agencies are known for lying all the time. Questioning the Earth as round is questioning SCIENCE and OBSERVATION; questioning the moon landing narrative is questioning the U.S. government and NASA more than it is questioning science. I am more agnostic than straight up saying it didn't happen and it is impossible. I don't think some people here understand that, even though I tried to make that clear.
  14. Did the U.S. really go to the moon in 1969?

    Haha. Comparing flat earthers to people who question the mainstream moon landing narrative is a big stretch. I KNEW it was going to happen though, because I've noticed this pattern of comparing the mainstream moon landing narrative to flat earthers when I have seen similar posts online. The comparison reminds me of those who call the people who believe in a global elite working together for certain aims, believers in "the lizard people!!1" It is basically just an attempt to create a straw man by using a metaphor which does not reflect reality. Of course I believe in outer space. I believe in the moon. I believe human spacecraft has been to the moon. I have my doubts as to whether or not humans have been on the moon. Currently, I am around 60% disbelief and 40% think it actually happened. I am trying to learn as much as possible to get a better understanding of the matter. There is no need to clinging onto a view until one can see the situation clearly and fully. I was agnostic on God for the first 20-25 years of my life until I found what was conclusive for me (based on subjective experiences and objective understanding). Why is questioning a subject "stupid" or "superstitious"? In my opinion, the stupid people DO NOT question, they just accept things blindly. I am not even questioning anything that seems basic, or to be taken for granted, like gravity, space, existing as a human being, etc. I am questioning a NARRATIVE pushed out by a government organization in a time when this government was hugely deceitful and corrupt. I am not saying the narrative is 100% false. Something can be 75% true and 25% false, but still be deceptive. Cult leaders often fuse the truth with a lie, and that generally gives them more power than just lying all the time, which is really obvious to most people. I agree with you, flat earthers are pretty stupid. However, I can almost see where flat earthers are coming from -- since we have been lied to SO MUCH by our government, our education systems, our media... it almost wouldn't be surprising to find out the Earth really was flat. Yet of course that is ridiculous, but this highlights how ridiculous the lying has gotten in the last century, like I said earlier.