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Realm of the Asura

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The next realm is the realm of the jealous gods, or asuras. Asura is a Sanskrit word which literally means "nongod": a is negative, sura is "god," so asura is "nongod." It is quite likely that having had the meditative absorption of the realm of the gods, sudden disappointment comes about, the disappointment that you have been cheated, that this is not a permanent experience at all. Therefore you turn around. Your experience turns around completely, and sudden envy begins to develop, jealousy begins to develop. You realize that you haven't been given the full truth and you haven't understood ultimate freedom-although you thought what you had achieved was the ultimate freedom of spiritual absorption.

Losing faith brings a tremendously sharp sense of relativity, a sense of comparison: "If that is so, why is this not so?" It is a kind of schizophrenic experience. Often schizophrenics are very intelligent. If you are trying to help them, work with them, then automatically they interpret your intention as laying heavy trips on them, so they do not want to be helped. But if you decide not to help, then automatically they feel you are seeking comfort, that you don't want to work with them either. And if you are trying to present alternatives, then automatically their reaction is that you are trying to play games with them, which is true. It is a very intelligent state of mind, but at the same time it is such a split mind. It is so powerful that it sees all the corners, every corner. 
You think you are communicating to them fact to face, but in actual fact they are looking at you from behind your back. That is the asura mentality of extreme paranoia, which includes extreme efficiency and accuracy at the same time. The Tibetan word for jealousy is tragdok. Trag is "shoulder," dok means "crowded," so tragdok means overcrowdedly selfish, in other words, too much shoulder to get through traffic, so to speak. It is kind of a defensive form of pride.
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