Do you recognize these channelled motions/movements?

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There is a fascinating thread on a shamanistic drug forum about automatic hand and body movements and contortions that are brought about while under the effect of a deep DMT trance, where the subject feels like spirits are controlling his body to perform these particular gestures. More than one person on that forum has experienced this, what is very interesting about his post is the detail the poster goes into in describing the experience.


I started this topic to see if these channelled or spirit initiated movements correspond to any known qigong, tantric, or other energy working system. If so, for me at least it would give a great deal of validity to that particular school or system and I would seek it out and learn its disciplines.


Does any of this seem familiar to you all? begin copypaste


I can definitely repeat the overall motions but it seemed that the two different times they were slightly altered for the different goals.

It uses both hands moving in aligned/symmetrical flowing patterns, rolling at different points (from say palms facing upward to downward). The whole time the arms are also moving between me stomach up to the top of my head.

I just repeated some and noticed that many time you can picture your hands forming a triangle so to say. All four fingers on each hand are straight with the pointer of each touching. The thumbs of each are also touching and almost perfectly straight except the very tips are somewhat bent down with the. This is just the basic configuration however.

I will repeat one set of motions here.

It begins with what's described above. My finger tips meet just below my belly button. My palms are facing inward. My thumbs are meeting just above my belly button.

My hands then move upward. As they do they fold into each-other but backwards. In the upward motion as they my pointers hit an area about 1-2 inches above my belly button the backs of my 4 main fingers are are against each-other, with the tips facing my stomach directly. Both of my thumbs are facing upward and still touching. The shape in the open areas between the pointers and thumb is that of a diamond.

This inward folding motion continues as the hands move up. Imagine cupping a set of breasts at this point. My palms are facing upwards with both of my thumbs facing directly away from my body but now on the outside and not touching. The other four fingers of each hand are all still touching on the back and the tips are facing upward.

As my hands move up to my head, they open. Imagine putting up both of your hands, side by side with your thumbs facing outwards towards your shoulders. It's like you're blocking your vision or playing peek-a-boo with a child. While your thumbs are facing outwards, your fingers are facing upwards. Both of your palms are directly in front of you face and as seems to be the theme, your hands are side-by-side touching.

Next the hands are moved forward in a twisting/rolling motion, all the time touching until the are once again forming the initially described triangle but right in front of your face, maybe 4-6 inches away at best with your palms facing outwards and fingers (while angled) upwards.

From there the whole process is repeated except in reverse. Each motion is undone as your hands move downwards.

Now that's just one set but they are all very similar to that. For the entity experience, there were probably 2 dozen sets of motions like these, not all exactly the same.

For the prolonged experience, it was under a dozen.

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Creating a triangle with two hands moving in a twisting motion upwards and downwards?






I was sitting half lotus under a tree in the garden of a psychiatric unit at the time.



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These movements do not mean anything special. Body points to its origins. Using drugs to evoke these things is more than stupid cause brings some special esoteric meanings to things that are natural like breathing. What special about the breath? Do one need any special knowledge or guru instructions to inhale and exhale? What is the difference between breath and hands movements besides someones interpretations? Haha


Btw- bows are also not invented by anyone, noone took drugs nor went into trance to make them and then tell people to bow durring ceremonies. there are reasons in the body to bend this way and touch the ground with your forhead, withouth using hands. body just knows, thats all the mystery, someone just introduced them to people to be simply more connected but better to make some special storries and interpretations about it...

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