Integrating Inner Alchemy into Late Ming Cultural History A Contextualization and Annotated Translation of Principles of the Innate Disposition and th

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This is a very impressive master's thesis as the first English translation of the 16th C. Neidan alchemy text that was popularized centuries later as the Hui-Ming Ching and then popularized in English as Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality.


So here we have finally the original 16th century text - at least as passed on into the late Ming period.


I actually find this teaching more clear in many ways - it includes details that elucidates things better to me.


Anybody else read this yet who wants to comment?


I'll probably post a few comments once I finish but I'm almost done.


I should add - he does analysis tracing origins back to ancient times also.

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Fire becomes Wood and Water becomes Metal. By

this process the “Fire Dragon” and the “Water Tiger” become the “Green Dragon” and the “White Tiger”



p. 114

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When the eyes don’t see the whitesoul is in the liver

When the ears don’t hear the essence is in the kidneys

When the tongue doesn’t move the spirit is in the heart-mind

When the nose doesn’t smell the cloudsoul is in the lungs

When the four don’t leak, then essence-water, spirit-fire, cloudsoul-wood, and whitesoulmetal

all gather in the intention-earth’s center

This is called the “Harmonious Combination of the Four Heraldic Creatures”


p. 142

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