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Question on looking at Space between objects and eye-sight changes And: How to hear silence?

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Hello everyone,


when we focus our sight at the space between objects we increase space in our perception. When doing this, our eyes first are able to fixate on a certain "location" in that space, but sooner or later the vision falls apart. Falls apart for me in a sense, that one eye looks here and the other there or I look through both eyes and see the room twice, so to speak. It feels unusual and my mind questions and feels irritated. I can continue with this I suppose. Have you experienced similar?


And second:


How how to hear silence? How do we focus on silence with our hearing sense. For example when there is music being played or people are consistantly talking, how to hear "through" this and perceive the silence?



Kind regards.

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So this is called the Third Eye by psychologist Theodore Reik - aka proprioception by modern science - which activates ultrasound from piezoelectric pressure on the collagen.



One familiar example is the relaxing effect of vibration. This works on a simple principle called “proprioceptive confusion.” If you move or shake the body at random, the brain gets a deluge of nonsensical proprioceptive data. The nervous system, overwhelmed by the random stimuli, effectively “gives up” and stops resisting the movement: providing you with deep, muscle loosening relaxation! Similarly, proprioception is also responsible for most of the (delicious) feeling of sensory novelty that we experience when we are massaged.



Your inner ear connects to your pineal gland via the vagus nerve - and so for example listening to music you get the chills - this is called "frisson" aka skin orgasm (but that French term was considered too scandalous). Scientifically it means you have activated your vagus nerve from the music and thereby increased your dopamine levels.


So think of getting the chills - from when we perceive the uncanny like talking about creepy ghost stories, etc. that activate our sense of space that is holographic - can bend spacetime.


Essentially the pineal gland creates a white hole of holographic light that bends spacetime - non-local consciousness - when the inner ear activates the pineal gland via the vagus nerve.


So what is going on is an infinite process of subharmonics and overtones - via quantum frequencies that are harmonized or synchronized by focusing on the formless awareness - the "sound of one hand clapping."


So proprioception called the "sixth sense" by science - is a convergence of the senses based on their electromagnetic source.


Psychophysiologically you should be able to "flex" or focus your pineal gland consciously to immediately go into a trance of the Emptiness - just by conscious self-remembering.


The inner ear used to be our "inner jaw" as the "inner smile" - our tree shrew ancestors jaw is now our inner ear.


So you do the inner smile by flexing the pineal gland.


But if that is not done directly then the other exercises work to activate that energy. The small universe MCO is the 12 nodes along the body as the 12 harmonic notes with yin/yang as the infinite Perfect Fifth/Fourth harmonics of infinite music - called the "infinite spiral of fifths."


The full lotus is the tetrahedron with each side of the triangle as the 1:2:3:4 harmonics of the Perfect Fifth/Fourth or yang/yin resonance of complementary opposites.




So it's like a Klein Bottle -  the energy is holographic and so the source can not be visualized spatially as formless awareness but it can be listened to. So in Buddhism it was called the inner ear method - aka Guanyin as "sound-current."


Consider this therapeutic ultrasound device.


A new one is being developed as a head set by quantum consciousness scientist Hameroff.


Why? Because the ultrasound resonates the microtubules of the neurons - and the microtubules have quantum resonance of electromagnetic energy - the quantum proton superconducting energy is the alchemy source that is also non-local consciousness - it utilizes quantum coherence as quantum entanglement - faster than the speed of light signalling.


So with ultrasound based on piezoelectric pressure you also have the subharmonics of the ELF waves - the 8 beats per second as the shaking of the legs.


So if you do horse stance with thighs parallel to ground and then your legs start shaking - that is the ELF waves that will also create ultrasound as overtone harmonics.


So then the ELF waves resonate with the Schumann resonance of the Earth's atmosphere creating lightning all the time - and so the chills felt internally as vagus nerve activation is from the extreme sympathetic nervous system (standing in horse stance till legs shaking) rebounding to the opposite extreme of relaxation parasympathetic nervous system.


You get these internal chills also from walking barefoot on the ground outside - this is called Earthing and so you pick up the lightning energy that is constantly hitting Earth and so it activates your vagus nerve energy and to the yin chi energy of the Earth is neutralizing the free radicals in your body.


The vagus nerve is the parasympathetic relaxation nervous system that on the left side goes down to the heart - connecting the brain to the heart - and so first you get the dopamine of vagus nerve converting to strong serotonin and the to strong oxytocin as the love bonding neurohormone of the heart.


But also the serotonin increases the melatonin - of the pineal gland.


Serotonin increases ACTH which increases the potassium ratios of the neurons in the brain thereby increasing the electromagnetic energy of the brain.


So then with synchronization resonance of the microtubules and the neurons - these are also photon transduction signals via the cilia as microtubules - and you increase the spirit energy for holographic visions.


The non-dual holographic visions bend spacetime - can see the future and can also do long distance vision.


Because it is proprioception - you also get psychometry - so you pick up an object and immediately the pineal gland transduces the holographic energy - and so you can get the buzzing sensation of the vagus nerve activation which then is transduced by the pineal gland into the information contained in the object - embedded holographically by its past use.


This is pretty fascinating - the Klein Bottle is a 4-D object but you can visualize it in 3-D by using color as the fourth dimension! I think that is a great secret of why visualizing color is key to meditation - it's proven that visualizing color actually increases the biophotons emitted by the body. Why? Because we already are spirit light - that is our true 4-D being that we are unaware of.

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