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Yesterday I went for my first in-person qigong master healing at http://springforestqigong.com


I mean with the "original" qigong master there. I was referred to him by the qigong master who was helping me out before, the who was trained by the original qigong master.


All I can say is it is a very amazing experience to have someone focus energy on you - and you feel a laser like blissful heat focused deep in your body.


It is very relaxing and a deep loving energy.


So then afterwards he told me where he detected blockages and that was exactly where I had felt him focus his energy with the laser-love bliss heat. So that matched up well.


Now in the past I have gotten a phone healing from him - maybe more than one - but when I got the phone healing it was even deeper healing in some sense - it was a deep heart energy.


But also when I got the phone healing I had fasted for three days - and so maybe that's why I felt the energy deeper and at that time he said my jing energy was very weak - obviously since I had fasted for 3 days.


This time I had a couple eggs with olive oil in the morning to make sure I had some jing energy. haha.


Anyway the qigong master says actually it's easier for him to do phone healings since it's more impersonal and so he picks up less superficial blockages. So again maybe that's why the phone healing felt like even a deeper heart energy.


But still in person - the energy felt more focused - on specific body parts - and like I said he backed that up by explaining what he was doing. Also he said how he hadn't seen me in a while and it was nice to see me. So that was nice to have some personal interaction.


Still I remember the qigong master saying how when people come to him to get healed they often want to talk but the healing really doesn't involve talking and so I just answered back to him in one word responses and didn't instigate any comments or questions. I personally reminded myself not to engage him in any conversations.


 I mean he started out with a questionaire that he was writing down answers on - so asked me if I had felt any pains or aches and I said no. He asked me, "How can I help you today?" So then I told him a few sentences.


He said - so you need to be more centered.


Anyway still I had told myself before I went into the healing - when I made the appointment that I would just keep going back until I felt I was really healed.


I definitely felt better and he treated things that I didn't even know about.


But still I am very sensitive to food and I get the internal tingling from any kind of sugar - like even sugar in milk or sugar in kale. So I plan to keep going in to get healings. I mean my reaction to sugar is not that unusual - since I know from my research it is the qi energy neutralizing the free radicals from the sugar. I do think I am better from the healing I received  yesterday. Still I use tea tree oil as a strong anti-oxidant.


I know the qigong heailngs are expensive - especially for the 25% of the population in the U.S. making a poverty wage like myself.


But still - just think how mind boggling amazing it is to be able to experience something like this - a laser bliss love energy without anyone even touching you.


I have had 15 years of experiences with the qigong masters - or at least going back 15 years. Actually the first qigong master I experienced was 20 years ago.


Still - I have seen some amazing post-life things like ghosts and yin spirits and precognitive visions and pulling someone's spirit out of their skull and healing people - strangers thanking me, etc.


So the main practical advice from the qigong master was that I should make sure to keep my shoulders lowered down when I meditate as this will help to bring my energy down in my body to center it.


Other than that - I was in full lotus when the qigong master entered the room where I was waiting for him and he just said - oh just stay that like, that's perfect. haha.


I know the qigong master can see inside my body, etc. I know it was 15 minutes of healing - but again it was a very amazing experience. My dreams last night were much more vivid.


I had this dream about how if I could see all my past lives then how did I not know that I was not seeing my future life also - like my present life is actually a vision of a future life being dreamt by a past life. haha.


I mean I have had precognitive dreams come true many times - in great detail - which just shows that our present awake state is also a type of dream. So why not my whole life as a type of dream from a past life?


All I'm saying is I've had a lot of people contact me over the years about qigong with me posting about it online.


There's no substitution for just actually experiencing the energy of the qigong masters. I know there are other qigong masters out there - the first qigong master I experienced was Effie P. Chow. I have not got a personal healing from her but she did fill the room with qi energy back in 1995 and had us make qi balls and I could feel a strong magnetic force pushing my hands apart. Then she blew the fuse in the room behind us, as the security guard who wandered in wondering what was going in, informed us. haha.


Also I've very thank for the previous healings from the other qigong master who cleared out other blockages for me to help purify me to see the original qigong master again.



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