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What concepts are you familiar with, that include working with Dark Matter? Why are we neglecting the other part of our Self?

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As opposite to the sun, an intense Positive Force, we have Dark Holes, who have not gotten any research in modern days and from my understanding not even in older days.


When we read current literature like "Sun Yoga" from Umasankar, who has revealed along with HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) the tremendous health benefits (including natural enlightenment) of gazing into the Sun, like Taoists did in their practice aswell and is known in Buddhism as "Tögal", we understand that we have strong positive forces and strong negative forces in the Universe aswell.


Each individual will discover this on his or her path, without any external teaching needed. Through the aspect of the Sun, Umasankar was tought all creation. Even the negative forces.


But how come, especially these, are completely neglected in our human history?


When we look at our own childhood, negativity was always kept secret and was claimed to be "bad". Nobody wanted to speak about it due to the (apparent) positive nature of this body, constantly striving for life and therefor overlooking it's death aspect. This body here is constantly decaying, as it is wanting to live. Now tell a person this on the street and especially in our modern culture, they surely dont want to be friends with you. And they are really "good" people? This is no other than being a Nazi of certain parts of life again.

Our most simple and most powerful tool, our breath, a constant change of life and death. As a prime example.


We have pure consciousness, the basis of it all. What all of us are, right here and right now. Indestructible and unable to getting born. It simply is. For eternity. This aspect of creation has no dualities. It can be perceived as what is known as "unconditional love". The foundation of everything.


So even "bad people" experience love? Of course they do. I would say even negative spirits. Only our doctrin of shaming this aspect might have forced them temporarily not to feel loved. But they still are. Everything is.


Now, what would be your understanding of why we have no (or do we?) a string the other road, into Darkness? I am not speaking about "empty" space. Empty space is pure awareness again, that is not a negative force. Empty is empty (potential, actually full), positive is positive and negative negative.

Were our religions so afraid that they banished possible work with dark energy?


I am sure if you would really dig deep, you would find the entire bandwidth of what we have today, striving towards the sun, in it's opposition striving into negativity.


And: Can we understand that Light is unifying (high positive) and Dark is scattering (high negative)? I feel we have much, misunderstanding regarding so many aspects of creation due to misidenfitication à la "doesnt feel good, I dont want it, so I dont even care to understanding it" so the whole dilemma of dharma started in the first place.


The fun part is, the REAL fun part, that most being living an okay- but not highly-conscious lifestyle, create negativity where they are. They WANT positive and in this manner create a huge load of negativity (through not wanting) in resistance there of. One can say they live blindfolded.

The fundamental parts of our self, regardless of age, gender, religion, culture and so forth - as a creative being is pure awareness, the "I am" thought which is highly positive and the "I am not" thought which is highly negative. By saying I am that and I want that, I automatically create an absence of ... logically ... what I am not. Is this comprehensible for a 3D mind?


I would not say that positive and negative is the entire creation, the entire Universe, the entire existance. But it surely is our reality through our own conditioning. And it is so nasty, when you really want to dive into it. Because in the end, does it matter if I create and strive for positive?
There will come a time where my negative forces bring it all down again. Sure I can enjoy the temporary nature of this positive aspect, as long as it holds, but it is temporary. Our most inner need is a wish for consistency, of something that is for eternity. We see this every day, in whatever we do, we hope that it lasts forever, but it surely doesnt, because we yet understand only such a tiny piece of what we actually create. Hey, this is Tai Chi in essence.


Are you bold enough to enter this thread without bias?

And now you, please.

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for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

- Hamlet


The emphasis, for me, is on the word 'thinking'. :)

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