The Problem with 3rd Dimensional Relationship (and it's solution) Universal Truths included

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Why you are in misery, earthly man (please with a grain of salt) and how to overcome it through understanding.


There is a huge imbalance happening. I have noticed this through my personal experience with life and living a relationship very consciously over a period of one year.


I have entered this relationship during my Qigong practices and was mostly concerned about root, stomach and solar plexus (which all is regarded to be the 3rd dimension). The attracted, beloved female was in a similar position. But my effort was moving into and understanding the 4th up into the 5th. And so was she.


But we did not observe the relationship properly and what I have noticed, unfortunatelly or fortunatelly close to and after our breaking up, in meditation for which I did not take proper time during the relationship otherwise wouldve noticed this earlier, was that the Entire relationship was a power struggle.


Even though we attempted to involve love and taking time for eachother, it was all about power. It was lovingly, but all about power. She was attracted to how confident I approached her, how "room-filling" my presence was in the beginning and my energy, my new ideas, my creativity on what we could do and then did together.


And we loved to have sex.


And there I noticed the change. The balloon lost it's charged atmosphere / air. And the balloon flattened.


I did notice that tremendous changes were happening inside me and in my lifestyle. My discipline reached zero. I got lazy. I attapted so to her and her parents lifestyle, due to the time I spent in their home that it completely blew my routine.


I really thought "I have made it and now I can settle back" HAHA!! Really. That was the feeling. I completely enjoyed every minute with her, but forgot that all of this creation, ALL OF THIS CREATION, THE ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP, was MY creation. Through me being ME.


And by saying this I speak for everyone. But in this case, surely only for me. In essence, this is the realization for every individual out there who tastes power, who tastes a greater amount of energy in his or her being. It has to be maintained and surely can be increased (or realized) but has to be maintained with focus. Otherwise it changes, like it always does, but in a direction that will fit the surroundings. And coming from a self-disciplined home into a home full ouf couch-potatoes, then gently teaching Her discipline and seeing how she begins to thrive upon it, and myself then Losing said discpline? Wow, so stupid. Is all I can say now.


And then we broke up. Obviously. Because I tried to find my center, and she simply couldnt "see" me anymore.


Is this understandable? I am sure I speak for all men here.



And where is the dilemma?


Ejaculation. Ejaculation is the dilemma. Male human beings are in such a tight and strange spot... we can gain power super fast and quite easy but we lose it easy and fast aswell.


So ALL the bright stories we have seen in movies, where hero's stand on a tall mountain, with a swollen breast, and many women to their feet - is entirely true. And all the lechery and sucking life out of males, is also true.


And THIS is the misunderstanding why spiritual men burnt spiritual women. Men did sexual alchemy but didnt know how to have sex without ejaculation. Female Naturally do blood alchemy and do not know how to Not hold themselves back from taking sexual energy from males. So both agree. Men loses, women gains, if there is genuine love for eachother.


Why is that so? Because it is all about energy and how much your being can hold. Then you are Alpha. You can have all women in this world, easily, with No effort. They all come running, because it's all about attraction. You can feel this even after 1month of Qigong practices, cultivation and not having Sex 1time. You feel it. And then continue. You will feel you can rule kingdom, and you can. All opens up for you.


But if you fall again into ejaculating, you lose the entire game of "survival of the fittest", here in 3D.


The solution? Is the 4th Dimension. What I attempted to get into with her. But doing so, you must let go off all your baggage, all the negativity that belongs here. And interestingly enough male and female attraction changes there aswell. It goes into unification. That means you as a male feel you lose your power, your ego power. But it will not really flow away, it just changes. A very important alchemic ingredient is added, if not THE most important: The purification of the heart fire. Love, brotherhood, I am and I see me in you. Equal. Can this still have sex? Sure, but with an entirely different basis. Giving.



My learning here is incredible... and it was so painful. But it was worth it. Like it was written about Guru's that they constantly ascend and descend. The higher you go, the deeper you fall. Just to understand both aspects.


I could cry right now, of joy understanding all this through actual Life Experience and not reading only and I could cry of sadness that she in her unconscious female nature "did" all this to me. But she is still very young, she will understand.

To all female readers, I am sure this can be applied to your situation vice versa. Though I can only speak for my, for the most part, male experience.


All the best to you,

my beloved I am.

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Sorry to hear that you broke up with your partner 4bsolute.


I deeply appreciate your sympathy. The closer we get to our hearts, the deeper we feel how seperation hurts. The higher we then get, the more we understand the illusory nature of this seperation. Step by step.


In my view there is only one Eve and one Adam. With many faces.




"All is chips, just different flavors"




I and she, we both, we all, continue where we have left off.

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