The Brain is the marrow - Thinking?

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Some people say that the brain is storehouse of marrow.


Does this mean that thinking can lower the lifespan or deplete the marrow?

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That's a fascinating question/issue.



"We figured that maybe the injured adult brain was trying to recapitulate the events present during development, that it was trying to facilitate brain regeneration," Steindler says. "That idea was kind of heretical. Then we also started seeing new cells being born in a particular region of the brain. That was rather shocking. That shouldn't have been happening."

Steindler dubbed the source of the new cells "brain marrow" to draw attention to its similarities to bone marrow, home to stem cells that continuously replenish the variety of blood cell types the body needs.

Using tissue removed during surgery for intractable epilepsy, Kukekov, Steindler and their colleagues were the first to demonstrate that they could isolate a stem cell from the human brain. Before that, such cells had been cloned only from rodents.

Two years ago, Laywell and Kukekov, now a UF research associate professor, showed that they could isolate living stem cells from adult cadaver brains.

"That gave us the possibility for archiving these tissues, with the goal of developing cell therapeutics for diseases and injuries, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury," Steindler says. "And then the next earthshaking finding was when Eric Laywell showed that you could take completely differentiated adult cells and dedifferentiate them or turn them into young cells."


I didn't realize Western science now corroborates brain marrow from stem cells!


I know that Mantak Chia has used stem cells to help explain the miracles of the lower tan tien healing energy.


So it would seem that the same stem cell action takes place for the upper tan tien.


I also know that actually while new blood was considered key from bone marrow production - now it's known that the intestines also make new blood and this makes sense considering magnesium from chlorophyll is the same structure for hemoglobin - just change out the magnesium and replace with iron for chlorophyll to be new blood.


So then consider that the pineal gland is actually the 2nd highest processor of blood in the body, after the heart. Maybe the third after the intestines. haha.


So that seems to corroborate the three tan tiens right there.


Yeah I know in Taoist YOga  - it's called "feeding the brain" and this refers to sublimating the jing energy into the cerebrospinal fluid which then, via the ionization of the nerves from piezoelectric bone pressure and water acoustic cavitation sonofusion - enables the serotonin neurohormones to get directly to the pineal gland where further piezoelectric transduction then increases the ionization further - and then this process further increases via the heart vagus nerve connection and oxytocin.


So that practice of course increases the blood flow to the brain and if marrow makes blood - then the brain is acting as marrow.


For example the ELF vibrations - the purring of cats in infrasound - are proven to accelerate bone growth.  so that bone pressure also has infrasound electromagnetic energy.


Thinking is actually a very limited left-brain activity compared to visualization and concentrated focus or "immutable thought" as Taoist Yoga calls it - the secret to emptying out the mind is first developing a concentrated one-pointed thought (on a mantra for example). So what that does is raise the frequency - it turns your thoughts back around to resonate to their source as electromagnetic energy and thereby you resonate and amplify the electromagnetic energy of the brain - which is the source of your real thoughts. That's called "direct perception" - and it emanates out of the pineal gland as telepathy, etc.


So yeah too much thinking is definitely a problem - it is a sign of too much sugar intake also which causes a weak pancreas as the organ of worry - and the source of proper intention being strong pancreas and then strong kidney energy as strong will power, based on the above practice of sublimation.

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Thinking is unlikely to deplete the brain marrow IMO.


Adults actually have pockets of stem cells in many organs and tissues. When there is cell damage in the area, chemical messengers trigger those stem cells to divide. Half stay in their pocket, the other half go the damaged area and differentiate into the type of cell they're meant to replace... so the number of these stem cells stored up stays pretty much the same whatever you do. I imagine it's the same for brain stem cells.


That's if I've remembered my biology right, anyway. :P

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