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Translation / Information Request

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Does anyone on this forum understand Tibetan, or know a lot of the Tibetan prayers?


For years now I have been asking around trying to find the words to this Buddhist piece:


It's hard to hear the discrete words if you use computer speakers (or low quality ones like mine), but with a music player and headphones it's distinguishable. I would really love to know the mantra being repeated.


Thanks a bunch :)


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Found this info online. :)




The Buddha teaches that suffering is not a random phenomena, no more than it is handed out by a superior divinity. In reality, individuals are responsible for their own destiny, reaping in one life the product of what their deeds in a previous life have implanted in the mysterious depths of their consciousness. Just like a skilful psychoanalyst seeks to clear the subconscious of his patients, the Buddha has provided methods to purify the spirit of the negative imprints brought forward from past lives and which carry suffering. Lama Gyurme here recites two incantations (the Vajrasattva mantra and the Liberation Sutra mantra) especially dedicated to this purpose.

Translation of Vajrasattva mantra:



O Vajrasattva honour the agreement!

Reveal yourself as the vajra-being!

Be steadfast for me!

Be very pleased for me!

Be fully nourishing for me!

Be passionate for me!

Grant me all success and attainment!

And in all actions make my mind more lucid!


ha ha ha ha hoḥ

O Blessed One, vajra of all those in that state, don't abandon me!

O being of the great contract be a vajra-bearer!


Translation of the Liberation Sutra mantra (I can't find a Buddhist source, I think they used this mantra written by Amma):


Awakening is…

Liberation of life

Liberation of the senses

Liberation from the self

Liberation from the mind

Liberation from knowledge

Liberation from conditionings

Liberation from society

Liberation from work

This is the truth.

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Was listening to the track this morning, like 3am, and thought i heard the 100 Syl, it was very faint, so wasn't too sure. Thanks for the confirmation, Seeker. Good job! 


I have not come across that Liberation Sutra mantra before. 

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