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Lessons to be learned

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That's why we are all our 'journeying' to the Dao, the Source...until then experience multiple realities all at once. Physical/yang, dream/Yin, astral/emotional, mental/Mind, causal/karmic, and the spirit level which is the innermost layer that gives rises to the rest via the Mind. You are what you think.


Now it is sad to see all the human suffering due to the institutionalisation of our society, which restricts the "spirit", stiffens the "liver" and people resort to various ways to overcome this (mind opening substances, various addictions, etc.) but in the end the are only deviating progressively further from the 'original nature/spirit' and learning little from past errors. It seems like a never ending journey as rebirth processes are long, 10-20 lifetimes probably for each big error and not always in a pleasant form.


Existence is a terrific act for many 'souls' but I guess they are not aware of what is happening until their start to see things more clearly (wisdom through suffering and experience)...this can take up to several hundreds of lifetimes.


I wish things were a lot easier for every single sentient being. :(


This whole journeying is an agony, we quickly forget and start with a clean state after a new birth takes place...but memories are still there, stored in all the internal organs as karmas.


In the meantime, just go with the flow. Probably for most of people posting here the life game doesn't sound too bad, does it?


Peace and love to everyone...and 'happy' journeying. What matters the most is not what you do in the material plane but how well you manage to return to the 'original nature' and from there allow the opening to occur and return to the Tao.






Taoist hermitage





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