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Pet crab

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A fisheries inspector saw a guy put a huge mud crab in his car at the local boat ramp. He went to him and said it was not crabbing season and it was illegal to take a crab at the moment , he was due for hefty fine and better hand it over.

" I didnt take a crab."

"Yes you did I saw you put it in your car."

The guy pulls a bucket out the car and "Oh! you mean this crab ? I didnt take that crab, it was already mine."

"What are you talking about."

"He's my pet crab, I have had him as a baby, he is only that big because I have been feeding him and looking after him. Once week I bring him down to the mangroves for a swim, he is trained, he swims around a bit, comes back and I take him home."

"bull****! "

"It is not! ... and I can prove it , watch this: " He carries the crab down to the waters edge, lets it go in the water, it scurries off.

They stand there waiting for a while looking out at the water, until the fisheries inspector asks; "Well, how long before he comes back?"

" How long before what comes back ? "

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