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Stay true to yourself and your practice, always - even in the arms of a lover

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Dear Ones,


I want to share an experience of mine with all of you, may it benefit you greatly.


The topic is: Why it is so important to stay true to yourself and your practice - even in the arms of a lover


Why do I name lover? Because we tend to forget everything, when we feel and express love for another. We identify with another and we merge in some way. We can become lazy. I did.


This merging can be a beautiful experience, but if one or both individuals lack life experience, they tend to create chaos in a way. At least I did and my beloved aswell. And unfortunatelly or maybe thankfully through an arguement that lead to a temporal separation, we understood that the key reason for our chaos and feeling often unpleasant, was because we forgot our selves. We forget our practice, we forget our own evolution.


All that I evolved into through my practice that lead to the recognition of a self conscious being attracted the circumstances with her and she being attracted to me. It was more than personality. And what happened to me is that I forgot myself. Some part of me thought that now I can settle down and I completely forgot that unconsciously I evolved into something else. And so my reality was shifting.


The reality she naturally found attractive in the first place and overlapped with hers did not match anymore.


What a strange feeling it is to me, because I try to incorporate this energy into my being, to feel oneself as "I" and at the same time as a "we". And not sacrificing one for the other. Not living either or, but rather both and.




Now for the part where she magically opens up again...



All the best.

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relationships breathe in and out just as we do, just as life does...

the action of tao is like a bellows.


I look back on my marriage and my long term friendships and perceive the bellows analogy in effect.

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