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The Extraphysical Teachings of Abraham and The Law of Attraction

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This is really a continuation of this thread:

But I did not want this information to get lost in the shuffle. What I am about to share came from what I call, "the Voice Inside." You might call it the Holy Spirit or your Higher Self or your Intuition. The process is that I type out a question, and then I pause, usually head towards the center of my chest, a sort of inner listening. Then I "hear" words which are the answer. I have tested this voice and it seems accurate. I really haven't spent any time trying to figure out what it is or where it comes from, but I also don't really need to. I know the words are not my own, even though my fingers typed them, and I am just thankful to have something outside of myself to consult on matters like this. For a variety of reasons I trust this voice and have faith in its accuracy. You are free to test these things out for yourself, and I encourage you to do so. I think we all have to come to know certain things in our own experience.

So now, here is the material, from two different question sessions, the 19th and 27th of December of this year (2014.) The questions are my words, the answers are not, I will try to differentiate between the two. Everything, from the words used to the spacing of the paragraphs, is determined by this voice. I consult it even as I spell check and format. If anything appears in brackets [] I have added it. I have excluded some material directed solely at me. Some words come like this: faith/know. I think as you read them you will understand.

The Law of Attraction


Are the various teachings of the Law of Attraction I have been reading true, or directly pointing to the truth?



No, they are not true. Neither are they false. They are an attempt to understand the workings of the universe. They come from extra physical teachers who are doing the best they can to explain it in human terms. The translation leaves much to be desired and is not completely or totally accurate.

The general principle is correct. You create the life you live, your life experience. It is up to you to change your circumstances if you do not like them or find them less than desirable.

Many choose to live as though they had no control over their life. They blame it on their religion, their leaders, their life choices, the area in which they live, god, their parents and other authority figures. They choose to live in squalor, so deeply they are not aware of the choice they have made.

In short they are asleep, and choose to remain so. From outside it would seem like their circumstances are responsible. But it is their response to their circumstances that is responsible. They have all these reasons why they can not just pick up and leave, or make a deliberate attempt to change their life circumstances, but the truth is they can. In most cases there is nobody preventing them other then themselves.

This is something you have to learn as well. You are the greatest enemy to yourself right now. Your ego is throwing a tantrum and you think it responsible, to the point that you are going along with it. But you are really just acting like a child, throwing a fit because they are not getting their way. You have not learned how to act more maturely, so-to-speak.


No, they are not true, but neither are they false. The question is not their trueness or falseness. It is not about bad or good These are duality. The teachings exist outside of duality. They exist outside of the dual mindset. They are non-dual. They either serve you, where you are in your life, at the moment you are reading them, or they do not. They are like a flashlight. When you are in the light, you have no need for the flashlight. But if you are in a dim or dark space/place, you can use the flashlight to illuminate your surroundings.

For you, now, at this moment, there are dim or dark places that you need help illuminating, and these words are doing precisely that. You want to know if the words or good or bad, right or wrong. They are only words. It is only your perception of them that can make them right or wrong, bad or good truth or untruth. The ego is concerned with these things. The ego wants to know where the words fit in duality. You have an ego concern here. Think on this. Be aware of this. Practice presence with this.


Does the Law of Attraction work as Abraham and others say it works? Is this, in whole or in part, really how the universe works?


Yes, this is in part how the universe works. It is not the whole picture, just a piece, and even that is limited by your human perception, caught in duality. You wanted to know if the Law of Attraction works as a sort of backdoor to knowing if the teachings are right or wrong. The teachings are just that – teachings. They are not in duality, as we said. The teachings are not right or wrong because this is, in part (limited by human perception) how the universe works. That the universe works, in part, in this way, does not make the teachings right or wrong, bad or good, truth or non-truth. You could say it proves the teachings to be accurate, as far as human perception can understand it, as far as the egoic mind can understand it. But accuracy is, once again, neither bad nor good, right nor wrong, edible or inedible. It is not caught in dualism.


If they are true, am I applying and understanding them correctly? If I am not, how do I do so?


You are understanding and applying what you have been taught to the best of your abilities, as correctly as you know how. But you do not have the whole picture. You are not being mislead, but you are missing huge chunks of vital information. Never fear! You will gain the knowledge you so desperately seek!

Continue to read them and apply them as you have. Having a part of the puzzle no matter how small, is better than having no pieces at all. The consequences of this action, of your study, will be for the other pieces to fill themselves in and for you to become aware of these important parts of the message.


If the Law of Attraction is true, or pointing directly to the truth, but the teachings I have been reading are false or misleading, what is the truth about the Law of Attraction?


The truth about LoA can not be put into physical terms – relayed in any physical manner. It is a spiritual truth. It is something only known and realized at an energetic or spiritual level.

The teachings you have been reading will point you to the other pieces of the puzzle which you can not understand in any physical sense. But there can be an inner knowing, and it is with that inner knowing that you will be able to see the completed puzzle.

This knowing does not take place at a conscious level. It is like a sort of automatic tuning that is slowly being adjusted for a clear signal to get through. All the books you read about the Law of Attraction will make you aware, at a deep level, of this tuning in, and will make the necessary adjustments.


If the Law of Attraction is false or misleading, what do I do? How do I get the life experience I want to have?


You can not get the life experience you want to have, it is impossible. You can only receive it. Be open to it. The teachings you have been reading, though inaccurate, make you open and receptive. They change you by tuning you into the big picture.

So continue to read, study and apply the words of these teachings. Do not fear being led astray. Any wrong information will not stick, and will fade as you “tune in.” Any truths will be absorbed and help those inner adjustments to be made.

It is your task in this life to “tune in” in this way, changing your inner life, and manifesting in a changed outer life experience. But you are not only doing this for you. You are doing it for all the other humans on the planet as well. The more of you tuning in, the more the collective mind of humanity is tuned in.


Is there anything else about this?


Yes, there is. Non-dualism is just a label, an idea. It is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, truth nor untruth. It is a way of looking at things differently, outside the egoic mind. A teaching or words that are non-dual in nature can not be understood well by those caught in duality. They will not be accepted as truth by those who are caught their dual nature, or who can only see the world in terms of dualism. So it is easy for the dual, egoic mind to brush such teachings aside, to point out into the perceived world and say, “See, it does not work!” But that is a falsity. It does work, the universe operates outside of duality. There is no right or wrong, bad or good, truth or untruth in the universe. There is just the universe and how it operates. A poor person on earth, liking in misery, sick, living in poverty, lives that way because they choose to live that way, even of they are not aware of making such a choice. You know this, you have always known this. It seems inconceivable that anyone would choose to live that way. If opportunity came where they could choose differently, certainly they would do so in most cases. The truth is opportunity has come, and continues to come, so that they could live differently, but they are not conscious of it. They are following thought patterns, caught on the rails, thinking in the same way they have always thought, thinking that brings them the life they now live. Changing the thinking may not change the circumstances, at least as long as the old thought patterns are there in the background, and they continue to think that way by default. But changing they way they think, becoming conscious and aware of their thoughts, this is the first step to changing those thought patterns. Eventually they come to realize that changing their thinking isn't enough, because others around them still think in the same old ways. They find that they must make serious life changes, maybe even leave their physical location, their home. Sometimes they are unable or unwilling to do that. So they fall back on the old thought patterns again. It is so easy to take up old, ingrained thought patterns to fall back on them, over and over again, especially if they are trapped by their current circumstances. Whatever they are facing, it is a mirror showing them what they need to change in themselves, and that is the next step to freeing themselves of their circumstances.

First change your thinking. Become aware of your thoughts. Consciously choose better feeling thoughts, just as the teachings in the Law of Attraction state.

Then become aware of what is around you, what is reflecting back at you in your circumstances. Become aware of what is being called attention to in yourself that you must change. Once the inside has been changed, the outside will change.

Continue to practice awareness and consciousness, of your thoughts and your circumstances, and in this way, when an opportunity comes to change your circumstances, you will be able to do so.

Understand that these steps are grossly simplified, to be understandable in human perception. The “Mechanisms of the Universe”, as you liked to call them, and far more complex than that, well beyond human comprehension, and this is in part because human comprehension is caught in duality, as most humans understand and know things only through the ego, or egoic mind.

Teachings like this can only be, at best, like a flashlight illuminating the dark or dim areas in one's life and thoughts. It is only when humans can see things clearly, with no need of illumination, that the flashlight will no longer be needed. For now it is needed, it is useful, as long as collective human consciousness is ruled by the ego, or egoic mind.

In a world of no darkness, there is no light.

Light only exists in darkness, darkness only exists in light. The true nature of reality exists outside of both.


Shall I share these words at my thread on Tao Bums, or anywhere else?


Yes, share these. However do not expect others to believe them. It is not your place to defend them, and they have no need for defense. Those who are ready for them will take from them what they need, those who are not will either not hear them or will not take anything from them. They may come up with examples of how these words are false. But the words are not false, and they are not true. They exist outside the human perception of duality. People will always find justification for what they believe about something. That is their choice, their path, as you well know. Focus only on your own path, on the choices you make.

Thank you.

You are very welcome [with a sense of a smile.]

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Hey DreamBliss :)


I've done similar things in the past, its quite helpful for sorting things out!


I enjoy this conversation with your Self.

The Law of Attraction can be looked at in a purely physical way as well. In alchemy, we say that water is attracted to the sun because it evaporates and moves upwards. But what is really happening, is that the water has digested the sun and turned into Fire, thus changing its previously fixt state. Now Fire is being attracted to Fire, likeness increasing likeness; the law of attraction!


The law of attraction is part of the engine of involution, which is the operation of Life.



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