Health risk from wireless? The debate is over.

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Norwegian scientist Ollie Johansson is one of the premier researchers on the biological and health effects of EMF. One of his major papers has just been translated into English. It's short. Worth a read.



[Johansson's intro]

Finally*, here is the English translation of Johansson O, Flydal E, "Trådløs helsefare (=”Health risk from wireless? The debate is over”, in Norwegian), Dagens Næringsliv 29/3 2014
This commentary from the Norwegian business newspaper, "Dagens Næringsliv", from Saturday March 29, 2014, has already been said to be one of the most important "game changers" so far in the area of health effects of electromagnetic fields.
I quote: "It represents a completely new approach: The battle is lost for the other side. If this impression begins to stick to people over time, the authors have triggered a paradigm shift. I think we have to repeat and repeat these exact words - the battle is lost for the wireless technology..."

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I would very much like for this "solution", and others promising the same thing, to work.

AFAIK, none of them actually change the emf measurements.

Some electro-sensitives claim they do work, or at least help, but I am skeptical, although I would love to be proven wrong.


Can you tell the difference when wearing it?

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