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Still stinkin' hot !


Had training this morning at the beach ... saturday morning, vast expanse of beach






( @ Mylstrom ) only about 4 people passed by - no one there. The beaches here are virtually deserted at times. Great spot to practice eku (and sand flicking - still got sand it in my ears). My Israeli Krav-Maga mate has a spot just at the back of this hill.


Went for a swim at half time and I thought I saw a skin diver in a grey wetsuit. Turned out to be a pod of dolphins ... just over there . I called out to them to come over and play. Mate gave me a weird look but then one bobbed his head up out the water and looked at us ... but they didnt come over :( - just passing by.


I love it when I see the dolphins. Usually closer to the little 'city' I drive to every so often for supplies, I stop to take in the ocean and they are often rounding the point there.


Cool being in the water with them though.

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