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Tao te Ching chapters 1 and 2 merged as 1

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Tao te Ching

Chapter's 1 & 2 merged

When the principle is seen within the insubstantial and known as fundamental, This is not the totality of the insubstantial; there for the principle by it's virtue transcends the darkness while still remaining, and becomes the insubstantial's bright.

This transcendental quality of the principle is the effortless and selfless force of creation and the sourceless source

When the principle is seen with in the bright; Symmetry, countless conciliation points & symmetries, along with the principles of diversification, unity, equilibrium and relation spontaneously come into being..

just as when everyone agrees on a subjective quality as an existing characteristic as reality its essence is manifested full spectrum, full circle,. So;

Beautiful and ugly complete appearance,

good and evil become a things nature,

High-low, up-down, left-right,
all dimension of space and form
are within each other.

All things rise to harmonize in synchronicity as
a dependent origination and mutual arising
according to what's named and known.

Therefore to whom this is known,
works that don't secure personal interests are done and they do not know self distinctions or believe in descriptions..

They work toward contentment which lessens desire,
and thus observe the essence of principle of infinity

to the who it is unknown,there is suffering and transiency from illusion of form.

The totality of the insubstantial have co-arisen as one, by way of the principles being and knowing yet differ in how they are known;This unity is the way that uncovers it's beholders mysterious understanding.

they work with their spontaneously arising manifestations and the transcendental virtue of the principle but none use effort or wield force; and just by virtue of their being, they selflessly become and indirectly originate.

It is because they act without purpose or self interest that path of their creation's articulation is perfection, and that they don't identify with its manifestation,
that the perfection and its ever-present fullness

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