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Before I listened to anyone I listened to music. It has always brought me into a moment of surreality. I create music often and have been opening myself up to knew forms from all over the world. I do this simply to do it.


Would anyone like to share Tao music?


Music that you feel flow through you.


Music that could be perceived as divine.


Music you love (I trust your ears)


Or anything relating to "authentic" Taoist music.

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Hmmm ... just try to get yourself a hang drum and see what happens ! :(


Wanted one for yeaaaars .


The guy that lent me the steel drums (who has about 2 sheds full of percussive - being a teacher ) said he wasnt that into hung, thety are not really musical ... just for jamming - anyone can play one.


I know dude! Thats why I want one.


Last night, late, the cabin only lit by fire light, I played 'First Sleep' and drummed along with it. Amazing range of sound from the steel drum.


I seem particularly attracted to zylaphone , vibes, celeste, all of that.


This woman is sublime ... she feels ... because she cant hear anything )note the bare feet, thats how she 'hears' .


This music itself might not be 'flowing, divine, tao' but I think Evelyn Glennie herself is rather remarkable



I also feel the 'atmosphere' of some 'Prop' tracks ( laid back 'astro-jazz' ) suitable for 'that type' of music too. cant find any on the Internet though ? ? ?

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