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  1. Qi Gong Noob

    Thank you all for your input! Simplicity is the ultimate goal and I believe in the routine above... Something about it feels right
  2. Qi Gong Noob

    I want to try this every morning to see what happens! I have no where to start. Hows this?
  3. Does I Ching work for anyone?

    I know very little in general, but what resonates with me most is the anti-logic involved with the I ching. The stroke of pure moment. I used to ask questions, and I would get wonderful answers. But now I just focus on whatever is most prominent in my mind, even if its not a question, just a thought, and I hold it as I cast my coins. Since I have become more flexible in my questioning it has become more direct in answering. Although I must keep in mind that the answer I read is now through the filter of thoughts I was holding in my mind at the time.
  4. Tantra Yoga Video

    ^ Epic.
  5. Tantra Yoga Video

    I tried it yesterday and today... Definitely felt something... mostly goofy.
  6. Tantra Yoga Video

    I really don't know anything about this, but it seems like he is being sincere. Do you know? References the Tao a lot which kept my interest.
  7. Tao Music

    This one is awesome as well
  8. Tao Music Hang drum goodness!
  9. Tao Music

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing.
  10. If mind and body are one, an even flow of energy through the body from doing these exercises might make it's way to the brain and alter its composition. (The way we perceive) If the Mind is independently worked as well perhaps it can perceive it's own energies back into the body. I don't really know
  11. Tao Music

    Before I listened to anyone I listened to music. It has always brought me into a moment of surreality. I create music often and have been opening myself up to knew forms from all over the world. I do this simply to do it. Would anyone like to share Tao music? Music that you feel flow through you. Music that could be perceived as divine. Music you love (I trust your ears) Or anything relating to "authentic" Taoist music.
  12. Shavasana

    Shavasana is always wonderful at the end of the practice for all the physical reasons and in a way I feel its the ultimate yin pose. Being open and receptive to whatever may blossom in the mind, not knowing anything but your breath and how wonderful you feel just being. I often have to remind myself not to want it to badly or it will become the goal of my practice!
  13. Not trying so hard

  14. Hello! Atheist, Skeptic & Open Minded Here:)

    Fellow guitar player and music lover Welcome!
  15. the lieh tzu

    The PDF is a fascinating read. Thank you.