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Qi Conservation Mudras

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Hey All,


When in presence of energetically draining people and situations, Chunyi Lin recommends forming a circle by touching the index finger with the thumb, which completes a qi circuit. This makes it so your energy can no longer leak, but you can still receive energy. You are creating a feedback loop by feeding the output of your energy system back into the input.



Mudra 1 (Chunyi Lin)








Mudra 2


A member's master here was advocating a variation of this, where the tip of the thumb touches the ring finger instead. He recommended this specifically for places like shopping centers, or draining places in general. Nan Huai Chin also recommends this particular Mudra (Mudra #2) for being "invisible" to ghosts but I have no idea how this works.




Your experiences / thoughts ?


I mostly drain in malls and underground places.... I used Mudra #1 and felt less of a drain in these situations successfully. But I'm wondering if mudra 2 would be more adapted to highly noisy, social places, like train stations and shopping malls ? I wonder what's the theory is on this one.




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Mudra 1 is good for Nembutsu.

Cosmic mudra for sitting.

Mudra 2 I don't use as it strains my thumbs but thumb against middle finger is a calming mudra.

Hope that helps.

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