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At this moment of reflection, I would just like to give thanks to all the philosophies that have pointed me in the right direction...on my Way.


It's been a tough week where I've had to face many challenges...but I realised throughout how much progress I have made in 4 years of mindfulness and cultivation practice. This week, I have seen old emotions of tension and stress returning and bubbling within me. But just before boiling point, I have cooled myself right down and found clarity and stability again.


I feel like I am successfully recovering in a life im which I once felt lost...at a rapid pace.


So my blessings to Lao Tzu, The Buddha, Chuang Tzu and all of you at TTB that have been of assistance...whoever you are.


I hope this post inspires anyone who is practicing, perhaps struggling...I say please keep going. You will be rewarded for the time you have given yourselves x

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isn't recovery fabulous?


It's like those of us who have had to recover from something have a different perspective on balance and clarity. Once achieved, it's the polar opposite of the way we used to live. What an incredible dynamic, this recovery thing. and usually the reason we took the foolish path was only because we wanted to be loved, or appear cool in the eyes of others. At least, these were my reasons.


Recovery also seems to involve a true soul searching, a clearing house of negative emotions. Once the resentments are removed, the shadows are gone. We gain vision.


I think those who are recovering from something are very lucky indeed.


Very best wishes to you in your continued journey.

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