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Wisdom Related to Work

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Thru the expression of work, we earn our rewards.

Work is a primary method of self expression in fulfilling all obligation to support ourselves.

Thru work, we can contribute to the collective good of society & the evolution of man.

Work is an essential part of self expression & self preservation.

Work will increase our value to others.


As a young man passed thru a street, he saw. Rich man giving alms to a beggar. The young man thought to himself "God is Great. He provides to all & take care of all. As I'm made of His image, a child of God, for certain, God will take care & provide for me"

He went home, sat & did nothing & waited for God to provide. A week passed & nothin happen. Two weeks , then three & still nothing happens. Soon, he's dying of starvation. A holy man passed by & asked him what had happened. With his little strength left in his body, he told his story.

The holy man said "When u saw the two men, you should learned from the rich & not from the beggar.

The rich provided for himself and also provides for others. Your success can help others. And your failures cannot. God help those who help themselves.


There are no division between your daily work & your spiritual development.

Every situation will accelerate your spiritual evolution.

Thru work, u will encounter beings & events that mirror your spiritual states & needs.

Thru work, u will meet & encounter people & events that either irritates or uplift you.

The cosmic and universal intention utilizes these particular situation or challenges to teach us beneficial lessons for our highest good concerned.

The purpose of labor is to learn and earn. To learn how to live. And earn a living.

When you know it, the labor is over.

A flower blossoms to create fruit.

When that comes, the petal falls.

Work is our greatest Teacher


Work does not need you. You need work.

He who performed his prescribe duty however difficult it may seems, frees himself from the bondage of life.

Cosmic intelligence created this universe for us.

The universe does not need us. But we need the universe.

If anyone of us disappears from this planet, the planet will continue to exist.

If one planet disappear from this galaxy, the galaxy will continue to exist.

If our galaxy disappear from the universe, the universe will continue to exist.

Similarly, the work we do does not need us, but we need the work.

It really put our self importance into a proper perspective.

The world does not need anything.

Everything is already there.

All necessities is already created in such great force that overcomes all human reasons.

There's nothing to create. Everything is already created for us. We just need to be creative with the created.

Our work is to discover our work.

And when you are true to your assigned work, your work is done.


If you have great knowledge but you do nothing, your knowledge will do nothing to you.

This knowledge will be worthless and no meaning to you nor others.

Even a spiritualist or philosopher or even a scientist need to do something about his skills or knowledge so that he himself & others can benefit from their profound discoveries, wisdom & realization.

The universe is ever changing and Acts unceasingly accordingly to the time place & circumstances..

An individual is ever active whether in sleeps, eating or idling.

Even in the motionless deep sleep state, his internal bodies & systems are ever actives.., supporting his life, feeling thoughts & gestures etc..

An infant work unceasingly to learn the wonders of his new world.

A student work to acquire basics knowledge & skills of life

An adult work to support a livelihood in himself & others

An elder work to maintain the well being of his bodies, contributing his experiences & knowledge to those who need guidance.

An old aged man work to contemplate the life behind him and the path before him.

The bottom line is.. As long as you possess a body, you cannot escape work.


The objectives of our work is to move more people from non action into action and eventually from action to effective & constructive results.

Many people reads all kinds of motivational books to overcome inertia.

Yet, there are also lots of people who simply grab hold of any books in the market place in the hope of improving their Spiritual endeavors.

Cosmic intelligence has planned for everyone of us. They planned and organized nature with prescribed timing accordingly to their natural habitat.

There's a Time to plant. A Time to harvest. A time for action. A Time to wait.

If you do not understand these fundamental truth, and missed the Planting season, you will have no crops for the whole year.

If you missed the harvesting season, you will have crops rotting in the field.

If u missed the Time for fertilizing the crops, you will have a poor harvest for the year.

A rich harvest is dependent on the farmers timely dedication to his work.

He does not need motivational books.

He lived with Nature's Abundance & Timing.


When we perform our work, we have to be silently in tune with our inner self for guidance.

Each one of us and each person hears their inner silent voice differently.

To some, it comes naturally. And others must cultivate that intuition thru various inner work & spiritual practices..

The definition of intuition accordingly to the dictionary is as follows:

Direct perception of Truth, facts... Independent of any reasoning process.

Pure, untaught, non inferential knowledge.... etc..

Intuition. Is extremely under valued by many. Yet, everyone who has ever succeeded in any extraordinary task has always drawn upon this power.

Many revolutionary scientific breakthrough oftens begins with an intuitive perception of unknown potential.

A well developed intuition is an invaluable tool.

The source of intuition is the same which provide inspiration to all great Master

He then proceeds to prove his intuition thru..

However, we must know that six sense is not intuition.

The six sense are evolved in the following sequence..

Feeling, odor, taste, sound, sight & finally thought forms.

Intuition is the

In- or inner-tuition

In other words.. The inner introspection

The esoteric work within.

The living divine self teaching or giving us tuition inside.

This is our Maker's Grace. His favors and His light to all of us.

Thru his Grace, The Universe came into existence.

Thru His Grace, Brings are able to be inspired to perform their duties & maintain their functions.

This is our Gift. A Divine Grace.

Each one of us possessed that Grace within.

Some of us are in touch with it. While others are not.

Those who are irresponsible of their duty, and who hide away, will deprived themselves to the Grace of The Divine Light.

Those responsible Sincere Soul who immerse themselves in the warmth of The Divine Light, will received full benefit from it.


Each one of us is unique.

What works for one does not necessarily work for others.

Try to find & discover your natural rhythm that works for you.

When duty is performed with a sense of Detachment, the very work performed becomes a Sacrifice and a Worship to our Maker.

Bring overly concerned with the rewards will never enhance the outcome of our work. Instead, it will interfere with our performance.

In other words, the success of winning is not about focusing in the winning but what u must do in order to win.

That's what it means to be detached.

Sacrifice is an act of offering.

An offering of our labor to the One who grants us the ability to act.

We performed our work without an attachment to self or sense gratifications.

Just by adopting this attitude, our efforts becomes a sacrifice to our creator.

Thus, the sacrifice serves as a worship.

Treating your work as a sacrifice and worship will not lessen your compensation.

Whatever rewards we deserved will be due to us.

This attitude will transform the ordinary task to something sacred.

It will change & enhance our performance into greater results..

Into Perfection.

-somebody somewhere


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Doesn't matter that you didn't write it, I still like it.


And don't forget, make your work fun.

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Yeah very good points. I have used that for a while now. My job is my millstone. With an increasing amount of pressure it forces you to adapt and let go otherwise you snap. This sort of like the "throwing yourself in the fire" type of refinement but there is no amount of control over what you have to put up with. It's do or die, so to speak. The only control is the choice to not leave in a bad situation. If you can handle an undesirable job then it's good to stick it out for a while and see how you can ride it to refine yourself.

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