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the writings of mouni sadhu

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do any of you have any personal experiences with any of the works of mouni sadhu?


from the reviews that are available of his work, he seems to be highly recommended.


i'm currently considering purchasing a few books of his,


"samadhi: the superconsciousness of the future"






from the way reviewers speak of his work, his methods seem to be fairly rigid.


at the moment i have been searching for an internal practice and from what i've gathered from the reviews of "concentration" in particular, it is essentially mental yoga.


i've begun working on belly breathing/stretching and emptiness meditation. i believe that those coupled with one or all of these books will help to give me a stable foundation for when i have the funds to go visit a qigong master for proper instruction.

**many have suggested overcoming anger/aggression, depression/frustration to an extent before engaging in a practice, as that will promote a 'cleaner' entrance into the art.


if any of you have any experiences with the teachings of these books i would very much appreciate your input

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Mouni Sadhu's book "Concentration" had a powerful influence upon me.


On reflection, I believe it provided me with many insights which inspired some of the practices which contributed to my sudden enlightenment.


In other words.


"Concentration" by Mouni Sadhu comes highly recommended!


Me and the Zhongyongdaoist were chattin' about it.


Read the wiki on the guy, its great.


He cites good ol' Ramana Maharshi as his guru.


It's all good though.


All the name connections on that wiki entry for Sadhu jumped out at me.


Good old Mouni!


He help us all see!


He good dead ringer!


The more I think about it the more influential he may have been on my thought.


He cites James and Ramana Maharshi, was raised Catholic, and and and...


Oh just read the wiki.


It's great.


Perhaps now is the time Mouni Sadhu got the recognition he deserves.


Maybe I'll buy the other two in the trilogy.


Ya never know.


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