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Choose: Attachment, detachment or being un-attached.

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...or all three. In any case, there is an important thing to learn:

The differentiation between attachment, detachment and being un-attached.


I came up with this article searching on the interwebs for like-minded perceptions, as we all do. Google search key: "stay away from mirrors"


Why the heck staying away from mirrors? Hm, because it feels pleasent to this one here. The longer this one stays away from looking in the mirror, the pleasant this one feels. Not avoiding it, just not paying attention to it. Why? About to find out.


And then this one has found an article from another female individual who wrote that she avoids mirrors wherever she goes. Avoids shiny objects, it became like a sickness she lets us know.


Do you know why? This one knows. And maybe you understand the clear misconception about Buddhism. Many Buddhists speak about detachment. It is the wrong term and the wrong intention behind it. Yes wrong, if one wants to be addicted anymore. To, whatever..


To get the terms straight:

Attachment is clearly understood as addiction in myriad of forms we know. From small to big. All the same in the end, fractiles of staring too long on something physical. A clear Plus Forward.

Detachment is what the author of this article performed. She has or had an aversion towards mirroring surfaces. This is the opposite of attachment. And this is a clear Minus Backwards.

Now we have both literal forces, omni-present and everywhere, mostly known as Yin and Yang. The force that pushes forwards, advances and creates Yang and the force that retreats, receives Yin. To give them just a few of countless other descriptions.

But both of those create an addiction. Both of those create. You can be addicted, you can cling to something even in a negative fashion and believe it or not: Both have the same value. The same strength in vibration, the same clinging-factor, so to speak. But are obviously on a contrary vibrational level. The one goes "up" or wherever we want to let it flow and the other one goes "down".

The solution to this is: Having no aversion what so ever. And yes, that is a learning process.


Because that is how we usually are. At first we receive, then we like and adore and then we are too immature to know when it is enough so it creates an imbalance that leads to such a mess, that it totally gets out of control and we start to dislike or even hate what we once liked. Typical behaviour on auto-pilot as this one likes to call it.


The same thing, like said, both are of equal value. Not only philosophical but also (both and) spiritual, physical, biological and what not.

To be un-attached is the key. To let it pass by you and do not pay any attention to it. Surely you can look at it. Even look in the mirror and see it slowly having no affect on you anymore. This is then like having the courage to carefully going out of your cave again, call it your house or your appartment.. into the sunlight and embrace the world, creation, once again. But from a completely new vantage point: The void, the emptiness. The emptiness that is understood as empty but is not empty, for it contains all things. It contains all creation. So it is empty but not empty. Yes humans like to write in such terms, this one likes it aswell.

Look the things right in the eyes. With determination. Be the shaman! Seek the fear. See how every cell in your body shows you it's memory, your past affection reaching out to this point where you stand and watch. Observe it and see the ripples it creates, in your entire system. This is all your creation by living unconscious, by letting things happen and being like a hose in the wind.


This is then the observer again. The famous, impersonal observer. You are it and "I am" also.

Don't get me wrong, you can be a hose in the wind - actually it is good to be a hose in the wind. But do not identify yourself as such, just go with the wind and don't have any affection to the wind or you will become one of those hoses who look really shredded. Ragged because you have created resistance to the flow of life in which you live.

There is no 'inside or' ..outside or whatever-side. No 'in my house and' ..back out in society. There is only 'inside and' ..everywhere at the same time. Reduce your distinctions mindfully.

Another piece to the puzzle: We have learned to divide, we have created a puzzle out of such a wonderful and complete picture. We have shredded the image and now we recollect.

All the best.

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