So we have figured out a general rule for...

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Meditation and attaining awareness down to its most fundamental practice.


So now let's all discuss attaining the perfect oneness.


And as usual we should try to use walking our basic premise.


Many discussions were found positive towards general awareness. Aware of the wind, environment etc. Like a dog walks down the street.


Now, how do we all utilize this feature in everyday life? No thought? When I am doing everything I try to break it down to its most basic fundamental practice. What really helps me compared to what may or may not help others is to become natural. Be aware of everything and yet have no thought.


Its quite useful.


We all know mindfulness is a pretty well known idea here. Some may o may not know that I disagree with Buddhist function of mindfulness. Marblehead suggests that the taoist mindfulness is awareness. I too agree with that.


So utilizing oneness, and awareness how do YOU bring it forward in life? How do you think about what your doing?

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Practice virtue. Keep the 3 Treasures.


As to virtue, my suggestion would be to guard against these 4 things in particular. They come from The Chuang Tzu (The Old Fisherman) and can be associated with the 4 Cardinal Virtues of Catholicism.


  • To take the management of affairs which do not concern him is called monopolising.
  • To bring forward a subject which no one regards is called loquacity.
  • To praise a man deceitfully, or in the same way fix on him the character of being bad, is called depravity.
  • Without reference to their being good or bad, to agree with men with double face, in order to steal a knowledge of what they wish, is called being dangerous.


To relate them to the 4 Cardinal Virtues they are:


  • Justice
  • Prudence
  • Strength/Fortitude
  • Temperance

With these 4 there is development, avoidance, subduing, and maintenance of merit and demerit.

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Hehe, all your threada are leading in to one. I just answered this question in the other post in the "general forum"


The one where MH wrote the Chuang Tzu story with the animals...

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