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  1. Sorry about the suspension, man. *hugs*

  2. In light of my mod squad attack and argument on the Taoism Board,

    I was uncivilized because I challenged the norm thought? Please.
  3. In light of my mod squad attack and argument on the Taoism Board,

    I've been this way all my life and haven't faced any "consequences".
  4. In light of my mod squad attack and argument on the Taoism Board,

    Consequences? Like what? Mod squad? LOL
  5. In light of my mod squad attack and argument on the Taoism Board,

    I lead a life of fair isolation. I mean I work, have friends and am married but I have no concern with making friends here. I want to learn and evaluate. You can't get good results trying to learn from people if you don't challenge them. The results won't be the same.
  6. In light of my mod squad attack and argument on the Taoism Board,

    Ya but see I'm on mobile so none of that is viewable. And seeing people irritated is a harsh presentation. I like to challenge peoples views until they start to show their true nature. I guess its my own personal test if you will. You can't lose or pass, I just get to understand you better.
  7. I recommend something. I have always been fought, attacked, degraded and more for following the original texts. When I was Muslim, when I was zen, when I was a Mahayana Buddhist, and now a taoist. A lot of people tend to disagree with my now unorthodox view on the texts. I attempt to follow the texts and nothing more. Nothing added to the sect after the original texts etc. I don't do alchemical taoism, mystical, etc. I just follow what the TTC, HHC, and zhuangzhi practice. Simple, no boundaries. I know nothing. I have said that many times here. Many people seem to misunderstand what I say. Mainly because its a "traditional" view. I admit I need to work on conveying my messages. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the arguments. I enjoy seeing people become irritated and express their true nature. It helps me and the opposer to better understand each other. After being threatened by the TTB mods and re reading my posts I understand this place a bit better. Now, my suggestion is simple. Allow mobile and desktop users to select a sect, school, etc. Of taoism or any other branch and post it to their profile. For example mine would be: TheExaltedRonin Traditional Taoist More would be: X member Mahayana Buddhist Alchemical taoism X School Or whatever else they would like to add. This would present a layer of authenticity. I believe the main semantic arguments held between me and many other members is not understanding our background. Many people have been here for a long time and I personally am not willing to dig past 10000 posts to see what they think and feel. All of the communication here on my part and my opposer's parts is the heart of misunderstanding.
  8. How to get spiritual without really trying

    That's fine if you don't understand. At the mercy of myself I forgot there are "different" sects of philosophy and religion here. TBH, I didn't even read that text wall you put up. There isn't much else I can explain. I figured it was in clear plain English. Anyhow, I'll be putting up a new thread in GD suggesting some things.
  9. How to get spiritual without really trying

    @marblehead I will remain silent. I've proven my points and its up to you to accept and understand my positioning. Hopefully you won't neglect to review my posts again and see what I'm properly saying.
  10. TBH, this site is quite useless in taoist forms.

    Of course I do. I neither feel I am exalted or a ronin.
  11. TBH, this site is quite useless in taoist forms.

    . Couldn't agree more.
  12. One "issue" I have with this site.

    @rara I'm always irritable!!!
  13. I've really came to understand some things in my own way: First off we have Ding and Jing Meditation. Ding meaning focus and jing meaning stillness. Many forms of meditation tend to mend the two together (which is cool, don't get me wrong). I experimented. I made a topic a few days ago asking TTB members how exactly to perform Ding meditation. Everyone generally ruled against it. Here's what happened: I examined ding meditation to its most simple foundation. Focus. So, as I was walking I put expletive pressure into focusing all energy into the act of said walking. Mindfulness right? To an extent. I believe (based off the TTC) that Lao Tzu and Zhuangzhi did not promote the typical sitting meditation for x amount of time. However ding and jing meditation are reverently mentioned in the doctrines of old. What happens if we split them up? Results. Using "ding meditation" in everyday activity is like pushing mindfulness to its limits. Using jing meditation I believe one should not act unless required (yes, I paraphrased lol). Cultivating stillness in other words. So when for example you are waiting for dinner or coffee etc. Instead of pulling out your phone or reading the paper, just sit. Be still. Clear your mind through the physical stillness. All just my opinion and its effectiveness to me. I do recommend try setting them apart rather than melding them together. See what happens.
  14. Am I on the right track here?

    I would offer some insight but I'm getting a bad gateway error. Either way, I view it as a stepping stone, right or wrong. Whenever you examine yourself youre on the right path.
  15. Dissolving the mind is instead a matter of not-doing: Simply avoid becoming attached to what you see and think. Ch44 HHC I really like this. Simple and to the point. Maybe it'll help a passerby.