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Today is Tibetan New Year... Losar!

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Wishing all Buddhists and everyone a most joyful, peaceful, practice-focussed year ahead!


May the fruits of wisdom and compassion appear to you bountifully, and may all beings share in your accumulations.





"Actually, in truth, there isn't anything to human beings. Whatever we may be, its only in the realm of appearances. However, if we go beyond appearances and see the truth, we will see that there isn't anything there but the universal characteristics ~ birth in the beginning, change in the middle, and cessation at the end. This is all there is. If we see that all things are like this, then no problems arise. If we understand this, we will experience continuous contentment and peace.


If you let go a little, you will have little peace; if you let go alot, you will have a lot of peace. If you let go completely, you will have complete peace." ---- Ajahn Chah


('Letting go' here refers to the seeing clearly how sensual experiences usually vibrate latent tendencies which cause grasping/aversion to surface. When craving is pacified (let go of), then sensual experiences are simply what they are, the mere functioning of the truth of impermanence.)


For those who are knowledgeable

This is a state making for joy --

Living the life of Dhamma

Under the Noble Ones perfected in mind.

They clarify the true Dhamma

Shining forth and illuminating it,

Those light bringers, heroic sages,

Endowed with vision, dispelling faults.

Having heard their teaching,

The wise, with perfect understanding

By directly knowing the end of birth

Come no more to renewal of being.

Tashi Deleg!

Sarva Mangalam!







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