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Using all my spare time for over a year I have developed a web app to make some suggestions to answer a few commonly asked questions on this forum;


Which path to take?

How can I heal / cure myself of “x” health issue?

I have this problem in my meditation, what do I do?


The app is centred around providing effective and practical suggestions derived specifically for each individual user. The best thing about it is that you can get a lot of the great benefits of TCM and put things into practice right away without needing to learn piles of TCM theory. All you need to do is answer a questionnaire that takes 10-15 minutes, after which the app will generate a customised health cultivation program for you. Meditation, exercise and diet issues are addressed for each individual user aimed at bringing the body back into a state of balance where the possibibilty of extraordinary health can be achieved.


However I would like to say that although the underlying capabilities are working, it is a work in progress and has a pretty basic looking interface. In the future I hope to make it look fancier, but until then when I can review the situation, the whole system is free to use. In the meantime I would be greatful if you could give me some feedback, inform me of any problems you face while using the webpage, or if you find the app useful it would be great if you 'liked' the facebook page (you can find it on the front webpage of the site


This app shouldn't take the place of advice given by your doctor. If you have health issues you should always see your doctor first.


Check out the app at: Online TCM Diagnosis


To use the diagnosis system you must create a login account (free), so that your answers get saved when you proceed to the next step, saving you from needing to re-enter answers at a later date. I spent heaps of time making this so i hope some people can benefit from it.

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Haha i don't know i haven't done any, but those things would be telling the future and there's no way to validate what it says until sometime yonder. This tells you about right this moment and gives insight into your character from the past. You can verify the results straight away, or just do a couple of the stretches / exercises to prove if the program really has just picked out the weakest muscles in your body.

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