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  1. Bone Healing

    What is the old method of bone healing?
  2. Bone Healing

    Hi Ya Mu, I am very interested to know what sort of accelleration of healing are you talking about? Like how much faster are people's fractures typically getting better? 4 weeks ago i shattered my Navicular into at least 9 pieces .....they can't operate on it because there is nothing to screw into, the bone is all in pieces. Where the navicular joins to the the talis looks all spikey from the MRI where the articulating surface should be smooth. There is very little blood supply to this bone and from reading around this is going to be many months before i can even start to hobble around putting any weight on this for short periods. The doctor said if i can walk in 1 year and it gets sore at the end of the day that would be a good outcome. Talking to more people and reading around the net there are some real horror storys so I really need to get this right... i'm only 36 with a young family. I've been meditating for years, healing tao style, and i read your book some 10 years ago. If you had any advice for me of what to do specifically for fracture healing and the type of energy to do it with it would be fantastic. I've been drinking bone broths and raw vegetable juices to try to give it all the nutrtion i can, and having my wife do Bowen therapy treatments on me. I have practically no pain which i guess is one good thing but i am no weight bearing in a cast still. Do you think it's good to continually direct energy to the area frequently, or do it for a period only once per day or once every few days or what have you found to work well? What type of energy? Like kundalini sexual / earth type energy or heavenly heat type energy? or a mixture of both, or how should it be structured? Or should i forget about the energy and just be? What do you think of magnets? have you tried them? Im still able to work in clinic a couple of hours a day from a wheely chair before i get a sore hip / back from just standing up on one leg from time to time when it's needed but this really does suck and i want it to get better asap. I want to be able to walk properly again and if i could run i would be over the moon. Thankyou in advance, Louis.
  3. Microcosmic Orbit Questions

    I think this is sound advice. I think it's not that what you're doing in your practice is wrong, it's just that it's not right for your body right now. Something else i could recommend is to ignore the energy and concentrate on the physical. You can do that by feeling the weight of your body, or the weight of different organs, or even just like your arms, feeling the meat hanging off your bones etc. This feeling the weight of my body helps me feel relaxed and stop thinking about the chi. Mantak chia's healing sounds, they're great and fix a huge amount of issues. Don't smile or concentrate on the energy at any time, just do the sounds and feel the weight of an organ during the breathing break time. I also find having an external focus is calming. Feel your clothes touching your skin and the wind, sun etc around you, and your weight. I have a thought that when people concentrate on gods etc, they are all external and make one feel more relaxed. Awareness outside is more calming, but when there is desire to change any sensation then stress kicks in. Awareness is more relaxing, focusing creates more tension. Through bodywork i have found alot of tension is held in the neck / jaw area or around the pelvis. Try stretch your neck, jaw by putting a cork inbetween your teeth to stretch your jaw muscles for a few minutes, stretch your shoulders, spine and hips. Long stretches 60seconds + are the best for reducing tension. There are screening tests that i do by looking at leg length. Likely you have tension causing one leg to be longer than the other, you could have somebody check for you while you lay on your belly with your feet hanging over the edge of the bed. If you turn your head either side and leg length changes so that the short leg changes to the long leg, then you have a problem in your neck. If it changes when you turn your head both sides, you have a problem in your jaw / or sphenoid bone alignment which runs through your skull. If you flex your knees and the short leg switches over you have a problem around your pelvis. If it doesn't change over you have a problem somwhere but the screening isn't showing you where, but it is likely around the coccyx or jaw. People tend to have one major muscle spasm, this is in osteopathic, chiropractic and other bodywork theory that influences the nervous system. Once you unlock that sustatining muscle spasm every other tension in your body will relax and you will have balance within the nervous system. Thats to say you have one major blockage and other blockages will all release from that one. There can be other layers, and as you remove one layer, another can present it's self but this will show in the screening tests i mentioned above. Once leg length is even, and there is tonal symetry of the body this indicates that your nervous system is balanced and you will feel the results via your awareness easily. Its taken me 3-4 years to become OK at using this method, but it definately is a great addition or test to use along with qigong practice to help you know you are going the right way. Hope it helps.
  4. The paradoxial nature of philosophicalising about these types of questions makes it difficult in the discussion. For me, being very spiritual, expanded out, seeing the larger picture gives me the calmness and emptiness i need to see clearly, along with the greatly expanded insight i need to know what needs to be done to achieve my souls destiny. This view alows changes on the macro level to be acieved very quickley and create huge external material changes, like business profits, creating health and wellbeing in the community, or spreading the good word. These destinys can be achieved with great speed and with great power, however this can leave me feeling empty inside, instead i get propped up by my community that i help improve. Yet alas its not enough, and none the less it becomes meaningless internally, so much so that if i continue along this path i would give it all away and have nothing.... The light side. Then on the other hand, contracting, attention to detail, and the feeling of inner power while losing the strength of that spiritual connection gives me the desire and the drive to put plans in motion that came to me through realizations while being in an expanded spiritual state. This is how i can create heaven on earth. The joys and the thrills of achieving and self fulfillment feels glorious and tremendus as each next milestone is reached.... until the attention to detail changes to perfectionism. Relaxant type drugs create the space to allow more of this joy, and drive further to bring this heaven to earth in a percieved even greater, yet forceful way, the thirst for more becomes insatiable... destroying ones self in the process, the dark side. The joy is perhaps what i began to develop first in my practice some 15 years ago when i became sick, it drew me to the practice of qigong and the pleasure gave me the patience to practice for hours on end, yet it fell to the wayside as it felt meaningless to be estatically happy without reason, and of percieving there to be more power in both the yin and the yang, or the heavens and earth. The joy is now my least developed power and having a job and business i love where i make great money doing few hours, helping alot of people, an awesome family, yet all the work to get to here has the pleasure associated with having such treasures fade. I need now work on my practice of joys again, whilst i know that during this process i will lose some of my treasure, and so the cycle will continue. The stars in the sky that catch my eye twinkle red green blue and white. That is what i think we need to be like. Sometimes the proton, sometimes the electron, and sometimes the neutron. Transitioning between the spiritual, the physical and the joy isnt easy, each gains momentum and the power lies in that momentum, but it is a contantly changing path we need to take to keep happy in our lives and maintain them.
  5. Will Power vs. Intent

    So how then do most people of recent times have more willpower to eat than their spirit power that they repeately express that leads them to want to lose weight.... it seems the result of their actions shows they have more power leading away from the direction of their spiritual direction of wanting to lose weight. I don't think you can say one experiences less power when they go against the will of their spirit. It takes alot of spirit power to overcome the momentum power of consiousness repetition.... that momentum becomes very strong.... spirit takes constant consious effort, and dare i say it, desire for change, to make that change. All animals walk the same way in a forest, thats why there are tracks. Consiousness, regardless of what type repeats the same thing over and over, it's hard for the spirit to overcome this. One way it can do it is by constantly changing the path so as to not develop a momentum of a partiucular path. But like i said, that is constant sustained consiousness.
  6. Will Power vs. Intent

    Whaaa? Do you mean to do something that goes against the will of your spirit? Do you have an example of this point? I'm not sure what you're trying to say...
  7. Will Power vs. Intent

    I always thought of it as, intent is what your spirit intends to do. I intend to get fit and lose weight. My willpower is weak so i give up after a few days, my intent is still there but my willpower is weak. Weakness in willpower is due to weakened kidneys, exhaustion. The stronger your kidneys, the less intent you need, because you intent lightly and the willpower carries you through. If your willpower is weak, your spirit needs to be strong - there at work constantly reminding you of your direction.
  8. UFC Fighter Says He Will Defend Tai Chi

    Mmmmm. I think it's important to consider that these MMA fighters are Professional Fighters. That's what they do for a living. It's their full time job to train, fight and win money. They put their bodies through tremendous strain and most compete for a short period of time (Like professional football players) then retire. I'm not sure Tai Chi masters these days are the same. Perhaps in the warring states periods of China Tai Chi practitioners in the Army may be on the same sort of practice routine but i doubt so these days. Tai chi prepares the practitioner to always be switched on and ready for defense if somebody attacks. It's a lifelong journey. I remember my dad saying that back in the 70s and earlier there were many competitions between the eastern martial artists and western boxers, and the western boxers usually won. I think there are several factors contributing to this. Although it's true that most real Tai Chi masters have no pride and wouldn't fight in a competition. They probably pick rice in some tiny village or something and wouldn't put themselves in that type of danger just for money. But even still, these MMA guys are usually bigger, heavier and stronger than your typical tai chi guy. People may say size doesn't matter, it's agility and timing that makes tai chi so powerful, but regardless, weight does matter. They wouldn't have weight classes in martial art competitions if weight was meaningless. I've seen a pack of 4 - 6 tigers struggle and unable to beat an full sized elephant on David Attenborough.
  9. Hong Chi Xiao simple healing techniques

    This is a problem. On one hand a boy and grandmother has died, but on the other hand some others may have been cured of diabetes. So the world loses this technique that may cure diabetes for some, because now nobody will dare teach it because fear of being thrown in jail for 25 years..... and 2 have died because the technique failed them. You know i see amazing things on TV where western doctors can take lungs out of one dying patient and cut them and sew them smaller so they fit inside a child, then put them inside a child and sews them back up again, and after a few weeks or months i can't remember the child was running around! But I rekon their would have been quiet a few who died early through the same surgery that weren't shown on TV. So these teachers from the east who mean well need to learn the ways of the west, how to have responsibility for these things fall on the shoulders of extensively trained medical doctors. They are the ones (or moreover their training) who our western society gives their uttermost faith in with medical matters. They need to learn to work alongside these Medical Doctors so that we don't lose cures or alternative, often even more effective treatments It's something i am very mindful about in my practice, never to give advice where i'm overstepping my scope, and always have to tell clients to see their GP if they haven't already. From time to time a client may feel i have performed a miracle (only because everything else they've tried hasn't worked), and in their excitement they may feel they can stop their medications. I need to remind them all that they can only stop or change medications under supervision from the doctor... however often on these occasions i can see it in their faces, in their mind what the doctor did didn't work and what i did did, and they are ready to throw their meds in the bin, so in some instances i get them to sign something to say i have explained that they shouldn't stop their meds. I have to do it to cover my own bum.
  10. Hong Chi Xiao simple healing techniques

    There are so many different ways of healing, but you know the important part that everybody forgets? ... the wait... Slapping, stretching, rolling over muscles all do things, but unless you wait after doing them they don't do much. If a plant in a pot is sick, and you move it into the sun, in 1 minute nothing happens, so you move it to the shade, nothing happens, so you move it inside, nothing happens, then you put it on the roof and nothing happens, then put it back where it was to begin with (live your life the way you always have).... the plant stays the same. "IT DOESN'T WORK" we exclaim! If you watered the plant and left the plant in the sun for half a day it would probably stand up straight and blossom. We need to give our bodies chance to respond. After you stretch, slap or massage, just lay there and rest in stillness for just 5 minutes and let it take hold. Then go back to your activities and see if you feel any different. The rest is as important as the therapy.
  11. I used to focus on the now, i think it's easier. Can also prepare for the future too, to avoid situations that emotionally trigger me. This way i could have the same reaction for any thought, it could just disappear. Going back and reliving everything that made you feel like shit.... gez that sounds like self punishment As i get older though i can see myself getting more in a habit of seeing the good in a bad situation so that it doesn't emotionally effect me.
  12. Excessive Yin Jing?

    Hi Kevin, I was wondering if i could check some of my TCM thoughts with you and see if they are sound or not. Also i have little dilemma at the bottom too if you know anything that may help... So eating lots of meat, dairy and say juices which have dense nutritional value, along with inner alchemy and building exercises like weights will cause / aggrivate kundalini syndrome? But wouldn't this also be the fastest way to develop that inner fire short term? however long term muscle building will slow because of excessive heat, hyperactivity and not enough energy reserved for healing / building the muscle tissues, instead it is all being expended outwardly through being overactive, sweating, and being anxious? So then what will cause the opposite of kunalini syndrome? Say that would be feeling sedated, mellow and even perhaps depressed? Lots of vegetables / fruit, perhaps a little juice, grains / potatoes, stretching and mantras? Is there anything else that can be done, or not done to increase the strength of this sedation? How about chilli? I know chilli warms and speeds up digestion, but does it burn kidney yin or just dry out lungs / large intestine? And with cardio exercises, say running or exercise bike. Would moderate amounts help remove phlegm, use up some excessive jing, or also help expel internal heat? Excessive amounts could deplete jing, increase phlegm because digestion becomes weaker through bodily exhaustion? What I find difficult is cooling and increasing the moisture in the body, especially in the upper jiaos. It's like putting moisture onto a hot pan that steams up instantly. However if i put everything into cooling myself down healing sounds / anapana / only stretching and walking & lots of fruits and veges, I can feel the moisture beginning to accumulate, but in the lower parts of the body. Trying to lift that moisture into the upper jiao where i really need it is difficult because 1. becoming more yin i feel more lazy and lose the motivation to consistently do it, and 2. trying to move the moisture with my mind creates heat, greatly reducing the cooling effect of the rising moisture. I feel predisposed to internal heat (i am liver dominant), and feel increased moisture in my body makes it easier for me to slow down and relax before i overexert myself, without becoming intoxicated, but it is so bloody hard to do it. Is just walking / stretching a better way to circulate the moisture? Are there other ways you could recommend?
  13. Just do it until you feel tired. Then stay there some more. It's when you get tired that you start to get results. Muscles become weaker, legs start to shake, then you need to align with your bones so that you can hold the posture, otherwise your muscles can't hold you up, they are too tired. Like with tai chi, first the legs ache, then they shake, then they bake & then u know you've got it. Also practice against a wall first. Keep your back straight all against the wall. This will help develop good posture. Then come away from the wall a bit, as you get tired go back to the wall and test you are still straight. Back and forth like this until you know what straight feels like.
  14. 1. Good - Do it 2. Just standing and watching your body. Mantak Chia's (well at least it's in his book) embracing the tree stance is good. It will be on the internet if you search for it.
  15. Neidan vs Mantrayana

    I think it's more about your personality. If you are a thinker, clever, etc, then the inner alchemy would probably appeal to you best, you would enjoy doing it more, but you would probably get better results from mantra type practices. For someone who is calmer, more relaxed and more physically orientated, mantra type practices would appeal more, but they would probably get better results from inner alchemy. It's a bit like physio exercises. Nobody likes to exercise their sore weak muscles, they want to show off with how much they can do with their strong healthy muscles. But this just puts them more out of balance. It's the weak muscles they need to strengthen..... similarly it's the weaker parts of the mind we need to exercise through meditation, so we need to do the practices we are not good at to bring balance..... If balance and health is what you seek....