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The Afterlife Theory - 'Surviving' the 3rd Dimension

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A human body dies because the intelligence inhibiting it, is not able to fully understand it's nature and the nature of energy that sustains the body. Therefor at a certain stage the body is left and the cycle starts anew. Rebirth, reincarnation into a human vessel.


Because the body dies in a weakened state, the soul spark is so weak that it automatically stays in this earthly orbit. Meaning: Reincarnation.


Reincarnation due to the idea of karma is simply low vibration. Low vibration is also saying and meaning "Fuck you". Therefore raising vibration means raising all aspect of your being, intelligence and wisdom to name two of many.


Toist practice teach immortality. Meaning: Understanding the nature of energy and bringing the physical body in a state of equilibrium, more towards and into alignment with Source which is here named humbly as Tao. Where cell decay and cell birth is 1:1, meaning endless healing, which is then understood as immortality.


We have death, decay, disease (...) only because of a huge collection of misconceptions about Life.


If we understand everything fully, then there is no more death.


That means that we as Higher Aspect live in this human body as long as we want. Learn with it and from it in whatever shape or form we desire.


That means we do no longer need to reproduce. We do no longer need to give birth to children, because children ultimately are a vehicle of further living as a human being. This 'technique' then becomes obsolete.


It is said that beings from Atlantis were in such a unified state, that they had no sexuality. There was no male and female in such a sense we have now that we need eachother to reproduce and understand life. Naturally, you then can create everything by yourself. Possibly even offspring.


'When we are done here' we then consciously a.) leave this physical vessel behind (let it deconstruct, return back to earth) or b.) refine it in such a way that the physical body is able to transcend plains.


When people actually speak about immortality and refer to the impossibility in bringing this concept to this planet, they simply see the overpopulation. But don't worry, I can help you: Those people now choosing to live more fully into this direction of ultimate alignment will be the immortal beings roaming this planet. All the other "billions of people dying, after the global shift actually happens" die simply in a natural process. Even what Drunvalo Melchizedek said in his state of confusion as we all know him to exist here :) said it right: A very small percentage will die consciously, mean ascend into other realms; a slightly bigger percentage but still small compared to the rest will stay here on this planet (immortal human bodies) and the majority dies naturally (and see it as disaster, because they do not yet understand). But at a certain point of evolution it was slash is always that way.


And if we follow all global teachings the majority of human beings will not be reincarnated here into this earth plain like before. Why? Because our Higher Aspect lives in multiple realities at once. Possibly that you reading this have many other human friends connected to the exact same Higher Self. So by this I simply mean that the Higher Aspect does not need more incarnations with less capacity, but then brings more capacity into fewer individuals. Quality over quantity if we want to speak in factual terms.


This all hit me yesterday night and today when I was talking to my mother, when the majority of it literally just flowed out of my mouth in a joyful way at the same time not really knowing what I was speaking about but somehow it made sense, encompanied by a tingling sensation in the spinal collumn.


From GMO foods to immortality haha what a conversation..



Have a good day everyone. Enjoy your Second Sunday in Advent ♥

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