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Master Qi in the Pagoda - edit: & Kung Fu Entertainment !

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For those who like Kung Fu films. I purchased this movie (Dragon Tiger Gate) and thoroughly enjoyed the special effects. You can watch bits of it that other's have put on youtube. Here is an excerpt...maybe some truth to it ?



(girl wants to save dying friend)


Girl: Master!

Girl: Master!Master!

Girl: Please save my friend!

Master: His wounds are too deep for me.

Master: Go to Mt Baiyun.

Master: Only Qi can help him.

Girl: Where can i find Qi?

Master: Inside the pagoda.

Girl: I will find him once i get up there?

Master: No one has ever entered the pagoda!

Master: Stay put!


(girl takes dying friend to pogoda temple to try and save him)

Qi: Pick up the prayer beads.

Qi: Pick up all the prayer beads.

Girl: Master Qi!

Girl: Here are all the prayer beads.

Girl: Please save my friends.

Qi: There is still one bead below the pagoda.

Qi: You have gone an arduous way.

Qi: Your friends must mean a lot to you.


(one last bead falls off the pogoda)

Qi: If you can jump down the pagoda...

Qi: To pick up the bead...

Qi: Then I will save them

Girl: I hope you'll keep your promise.


(she jumps off the 10th storey of the pogoda)


(she wakes up at he bottom)

Girl: Did I ever go up there?

Qi: Everything is an illusion in the mundane world.

Qi: Only your conviction is real.

Qi: The moment your decided to sacrifice yourself...

Qi: The prayer bead was already in your hand.

Qi: Dont't worry, l will save your friends.





Blessings of Insight !!!

:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

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I need to lighten up a bit and so I share with you some cheesy acting in a Kung Fu fight scene. But 100% entertainment ! Edit: this should be my morning exercise routine (without the hurting and killing) :)









Blessings of talent



Oh god, those voiceovers are terrible :P

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