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I'd like to express my feels about the word Master and its various uses.


Self-mastery refers to a level of proficiency in this school called life. The Inner Master enters your conscious awareness at a certain point in your spiritual path and eventually you come to know that you and this master are the same "person", you are One. That brings me to the third use of the word master, the teacher-student relationship. This is a complex issue. On one hand, the relationship between student and teach is giving and receiving, one-sided. On the other hand, it is a fellowship where teacher and student are equal reflections of each other. No true master will allow the first type of relationship to exist for it creates dualism, the very thing that the master is trying to help the student escape. Though I use the word master in reference to a teacher, there is no hierarchy implied, only one of greater vibration attempting to assist another in their path of spiritual evolution. Love is the key to a healthy teacher-student relationship. Love and Unity which are essentially the same thing.




Question: About healing. I thought that this is what I am headed for, to be a healer. But ... I asked about this and was told that I'm not to be a healer. I will teach others how to wake up, as soon as I can figure it out for myself, not before. "The world needs more Masters," you wrote. And so have a lot of others. "The earth's energy needs tipping and a lot of Masters will do this," they are saying. So I guess I am to teach others how to be Masters. What is a Master?


Answer: I have been seriously contemplating your last letter. Your, "What is a master" question is second only to "What is God?"


You are already a master. You and I are studying really advanced metaphysics. It is just that it is so easy for you that you do not feel like a master. In passing, not feeling like a master is probably a good idea.


The question actually is, "Can you teach?" and, "If you can teach, what do you teach?" (Nirod)


Ra, the entity who channeled through Carla Rueckert, explains how they appeared in Egypt and attempted to teach them the Law of One.




We as a group, or what you would call a social memory complex, made contact with a race of your planetary kind which you call Egyptians. ... We spoke to one who heard and understood and was in a position to decree the Law of One. However, the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the, shall we say, compassion with which unity is informed by its very nature. Since it contains all, it cannot abhor any. When we were no longer able to have appropriate channels through which to enunciate the Law of One, we removed ourselves from the now hypocritical position which we had allowed ourselves to be placed in. (Law of One, session 1)


Why did they consider their relationship with the Egyptians "hypocritical"? Because they were elevated to the status of gods due to the fact that they appeared as beings of light and in shape vastly different from the human races. If they weren't gods, then what were they? Teachers. There is no hierarchy in heaven or earth that is not an illusion.




It is important to allow each seeker to enlighten itself rather than for any messenger to attempt in language to teach/learn for the entity, thus being teach/learner and learn/teacher. This is not in balance with your third density. We learn from you. We teach to you. Thus, we teach/learn. If we learned for you, this would cause imbalance in the direction of the distortion of free will. (Law of One, session 15)


More quotes regarding the teacher-student relationship:




When we are speaking of 'higher vibrational frequency' of beings, we are not speaking of higher echelon. We are not speaking of hierarchy. We are speaking technically, scientifically, if you like. There are some who look at those such as I, indeed, as Guru, prophet, whether they be of human form or whether they are using what is called human telephone in this fashion. [channeling] And very often there is a tendency to what is very akin to worship. But you see, beloved ones, I am as you, because we are all expressions of the All That Is. There is no rank. (An Act of Faith, ch9, by P'taah)


Lao Tzu:


The teacher cannot aid the student as long as the student's spirit is contaminated. The cleansing of the spiritual contamination is not the responsibility of the teacher, but of the student. It is accomplished by offering one's talent, resources, and life to the world. Also, to the teacher and to the immortal angels that surround him, a healthy student can offer his pure energy, and a depleted student can give at the very least food, or wine, or service. When one gives whatever one can without restraint, the barriers of individuality break down. It no longer becomes possible to tell whether it is the student offering himself to the teacher, or the teacher offering herself to the student. One sees only two immaculate beings, reflecting one another like a pair of brilliant mirrors. (Hua Hu Ching, ch73, by Lao Tzu)


Neale Walsch:


There has been a lot of negative energy in the West on the word “guru.” It has almost become pejorative. To be a "guru" is to somehow be a charlatan. To give your allegiance to a guru is to somehow give your power away. Honoring your guru is not giving your power away. It is getting your power. For when you honor the guru, when you praise your master teacher, what you say is, "I see you." And what you see in another, you can begin to see in yourself. It is outward evidence of your inner reality. It is outward proof in your inner truth. The truth of your being. (Conversations with God, bk3, by Neale Walsch)


Here is an excerpt from the spiritual experiences of Mary Sparrowdancer. At this point in her narrative, a being of Light has been appearing to her for some time and she decides to begin addressing this being as her Master. She is rebuked. Whether this story is fact or fiction matters little here. There is a lesson to be learned nonetheless. That goes for the words of Ra, Neale Walsch's God, Lao Tzu, Nirod, or P'taah - their teachings are all potentially fiction. What does it matter? Listen to your heart for that is the only place you will find truth.




While talking with Fred the Medicine Man on the telephone, in a moment of benign submission on my part, I decided to refer to the man from the Light as "my master."


Fred was stunned.


"What do you mean, 'master'?" he said, saying it as though he were spewing poison into his end of the telephone.


"That's what I'm going to call him. My master."


"Well, I have no 'masters.' "


"There's nothing wrong with having a master," I argued.


"It indicates respect - submissive respect."


"Bullshit! It indicates you are limiting yourself. It's a copout!"


"It is not!"


"Well, don't ever expect me to refer to him as 'master'! And furthermore, if he wants you to call him 'master,' then he's got problems, too!"


I slammed the phone down in Fred's ear. He was not going to talk that way about my master.


That night, I was awakened by a bright light shining on me. When I opened my eyes, I was overjoyed to see my master standing there. He did not appear to be particularly happy, however.


He was not smiling on this occasion. In fact, he appeared to be angry. This was a unique experience as I'd never seen him angry before.


"Hi," I said, smiling.


"You are now referring to me as 'master'?" he asked.


"Yes," I said, still grinning.


"Please explain the reason for this."


"Well, you are beautiful, and you're not from Hell. You're god - and I am feeling great love for you, and great respect."


He stared at me in complete silence for a long moment and then he said, "Then shall I also start referring to you as my 'master'?"


"Well, no! Of course not!" I said - the thought was ludicrous.


He departed, leaving me to sort matters out for myself. It took at least a half hour before I concluded that, no matter how I reviewed our exchange of words, he had not only been very upset with me, but he had actually chastised me. This meant that, whatever he was, he had a full range of what appeared to be human emotions. He was capable of being displeased, and he was exquisitely capable of expressing his displeasure. I finally went to sleep thinking that I would have to come up with another name for him - anything but “master." ...


The following morning, ... He was smiling and no longer angry.


"You understand that if you call me 'master' you place a division between yourself and myself," he said, "and in doing so, you view me as unapproachable. If you presume that you cannot achieve my station of love, then you will be bound by your thoughts. Let there be no division, no separation, no distancing. Be exactly as I am." (Love Song, by Mary Sparrowdancer)


There are mixed messages in this article, I admit it. The siddha offered this solution, "Unity in diversity".

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I can tell what is Not a master.


Someone who wants to be called "Master".


All titles are given. Also the notion or the title of someone who is enlightened. For you it feels like every normal day, maybe 'a little more expansive' (to play it down) but I see no need why any enlightenend being would call him/her/itself enlightened. Or master... that's all dualistic.


We are all masters.

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