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Can anyone post a video about Crane Neck Rocking? Inner Healing Light o.t Tao

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Dear Ones,


I have not come across any english article on the web that explaines crane neck rocking (term from Mantak Chia's "Awaken Healing Light of the Tao") more precise than in the actual book:


"[...] 1. in which it is explained to arching lumbars l-2 and l-3 of your spine to the front as you stretch the neck to the back. 2. stretch the neck like a crane. stretch the chin out, curve it in, and touch it to the throat. at the same time, push back the lumbar area, creating a wavelike movement [....]"


I want to see this "live" in a video or if no-where available on a picture or an illustration.


Is there anything you know of that shows Crane Neck Rocking illustrated?

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