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Peeling the skins of mindlessness

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People talk about mindlessness and Enlightenment , yet not many of them try to link them together .In fact, when we say that mindlessness itself can have layers, many people find it strange for mindlessness is like a pool of still , clear water , any extra idea added or any shift of our mind is a stir in it , which inevitably causes ripples and therefore disrupt the whole status.

The fact that mindlessness does have layers and the rise of any of them doesn't necessarily lead to the breakdown of whole status ,such a truth can only be grasped if we approach it from a new dimension , through our study of what intuition is...; below are some of my attempt , starting from its surface layer towards its core :

1) The initial layer of mindlessness that we attain likely is a retreat of us from our senses , a suspension of our daily fluctuating minds and our entering a temporary, static spiritual state; it is a short duration of blank lasting for seconds or minutes, usually accompanied with a feeling of peace , but always insecure.

2) The second layer we enter is a sudden jump from the initial stage into a condensed spiritual state of Oneness ,in which mindlessness becomes more secure & persistent ; extreme quietness is its main characteristic , it can happen even we are situated in a noisy environment.

3)The 3rd layer is the disintegration of that condensed Oneness into chaos, we feel that the boundary between our body and the outside world dissolving, we feel that our ego lost , decomposed...etc., yet without undermining the persistence of that mindlessness.

4) The 4th layer is a abrupt awakening from the above chaos in which we find a much crystal Mind popped up, like our awakening from dreaming , yet this time what we have awaken from is a mind of sanity , not sleeping .



Yours can be different from what described above for people adopt different methods likely have different layers of mindlessness appeared to them , what I want to emphasize here is that the appearance of layers in mindlessness is normal and expectable , and the longer we can sustain the process , the better it becomes (meaning that there are more jing and qi we can sublimate , our superb , half-god like position is more secured..etc ) ; Of course, from the Taoist point of view , it is our consolidated jing and qi that pull these together , making all these possible .

Wittgenstein, the German philosopher , once compared persistent reasoning to diving into deep water: In the case of diving , we have to fight against the buoyancy of the water, in reasoning we have to fight against the incoherent , habitual ups and downs of our mind. Exploration into mindlessness, much different from the persistent reasoning , needs our having a special intuitional ability . If intuition in other creations , arts or sciences , appears to us as a spark of inspiration or impulse , then diving into this deep , immense sea of mindlessness requires a different , much lengthy and persistent ability we seldom know before....
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The process from mechanical, reactive mind to crystal clarity mind is well worth to describe and ponder about.

Really the linking of emptiness with enlightenment is "enlightened emptiness" or the "illuminated void".

This is exactly what Chao Pi Chen is writing about in the excellent book "Taoist Yoga and Immortality" brought to attention on the TTB:s by Pythagoreanfullotus. I really recommend this book if you want to know the real stuff about NeiGong or Internal Alchemy. It says there that emptiness without fullness of light is relative and false (that is just "blank mind") whilst illuminated emptiness is absolute and full.

That has precisely to do with what you write about sublimating Jing and Chi into Shen and light. If we just meditate and work on Nature (above Heart) and Mind we will miss the Jing-part or light of the energies being sublimated. But if we just work with raw tantra and the "Life"-part (below heart) we will miss the ethics and discipline and fail to convert Chi to Shien.

We must work both on Nature (meditation, mind, ethics, etc) and Life (that is sublimation of sexual energy from Fluid to Jing to Chi to Shien).

I feel that all the Jazz, the beautiful words and concepts between real practice is a pleasant distraction, maybe an exercise in thinking. But the success is always related "burn the Heart to Ashes" (kill desires and passion - nature) and letting the energy sublimate into light.

Maybe a real teacher (I prefer the word teacher before "master") would suggest a person to:

1. Save your Jing for two months,

2. Then come back and learn a special practice. Then this simple only practice is to be done regularly for some time.

The book "Taoist Yoga and Immortality" doesn't go much into details about things. I feel that if you go to much into details, then there is a chance that you get caught up in "mindfulness" of elements of practice and then you risk to work with a "false agent". If you save up enough Jing this in itself will help you to understand all elements.

Because that is really all that is needed.. To save the fuel, then sublimate it by practices.

If you do not save the fuel you will fail in bringing Jing up the governal channel to flow down the functional channel and thus collect it in the Lower Dan Tien. It is a mistake to just directly Collect it there by breath only. After Lower Dan Tien is full it will be risen to the middle, and lastly the higher. Then Comes a final mix again. This cannot be forced by mindful will based practice. It is more like imitating Nature - like a tree slowly growing from a seed that needs regular water and sun and darkness in beginning.

Edit: All kinds of practice that contributes to emptying the heart and rising the light is good.. It don't need to be from a particular person, source or book.. Its basically what Jesus, Buddha and all great teachers been teaching for millenas.

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