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This is a good topic to explore, thanks Sean,


I have a differing view of the chronology of today's main-stream pluralism. The introduction of pluralism was an intellectual movement that cought on over a few generations.


The "lost Generation " of Hemingway and G. Stein as ex-pat Americans and the great French painters as well as Picasso had many influences from Asia and Africa in their work. Even earlier, Van Gogh was using Japanese prints to find subject matter.


The next or so-called "Beat Generation" was extremely pluralistic as Our "Bums" comes from the Book Dharma Bums Which also illustrated the Eastern influences we admire so much here. The civil rights movement got started - (it may be argued)-in ernest back with Paul Robison. These open-minded attitudes were part of an ongoing inter-action over a long while. This was due mostly to improved communications world-wide as much as anything.

The web that we enjoy so much is the tool that will break down all remaining barriers between societies.


So I see these socialogical changes as being much more fluid and evident by degree rather than by steps that generations take. Being born in the middle of the boom, I have a vantage point that allows me to notice the trends from a sort of pivitol perspective , in that trends that started with those who are ten years older than me are now becoming mainstream in those who are ten years younger- with (now 50 somethings becoming grand-parents) ...


As a self-proclaimed "old hippy" I am glad to see the environmental issues so important to me finally coming into the mainstream consciousness that I have tried to infiltrate for thirty years. I just hope it isn't too late !


This generation looking for new work and new fields , may need to open up the environmental field as one that can support people not cost jobs as has been claimed. That is the lesson the boomers need to advance... that with changes wrought; many new responsibilities are also created .


I think of that as Response - Ability As in - Seeing what needs doing and then able to get the job done


-or so I hope and pray


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