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Hello everybody. I' ve been here since October, and I have to say that this forum is great! I've got tons of advice and lots of new directions to investigate(Will Bodri and Yogani are unbelievable...). Thanks everybody, and here are some of my favourite links: This is the site of Kostas Danaos, and his martial art The books on pranayama and Kundalini are very nice


Finally, find a copy of Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Hans-Ulrich Rieker. This is a very good book, which explains many of the controversies and the hidden meanings of the ancient text - which in my opinion is a practical- technical guide for the vast majority of the yoga path. Of course, he leaves out some crucial ingredients, pointing out for the need of a guru. But that's alright, because yoga at advanced stages can be quite scary and dangerous without someone who has tread the path himself.

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